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Breaking the silence

Hugo Duggan (4th from the left) and Erica Duggan (6th from left) with friends of Jeremiah and the ex member Yves Messer (far right)


Six years ago on the 27th March 2003 Jeremiah Duggan, a 22 year old British student died in Hessen Germany. To mark this sad day and to raise awareness about the need for a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah’s death and to protect others from dangers, the family and friends of Jeremiah travelled to Wiesbaden to stage a series of events. There was a memorial walk through Wiesbaden to the spot five and a half kilometers outside the town to the spot where Jeremiah’s body was found. Banners were held high reading: “Why did Jeremiah die here? And Justice for Jeremiah.”


Following the early morning walk supporters stood in a crowded area of Wiesbaden distributing leaflets and inviting people to attend the meeting to “break the silence” to be held in the conference room of the Plaza Hotel. Members of the public who gathered in the street were shocked to hear from Jeremiah’s family and friends about what had happened in their home town. They appeared to know little if anything about Bueso or the LaRouche youth organization. Wiesbaden citizens showed their concern by attending the meeting that was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel afterwards. These people said they wanted to know more about how this organization which is headed by Lyndon LaRouche, a USA convicted criminal sent to prison because he directed, oversaw and profited from a criminal enterprise could be allowed to come to Germany to continue working here with young people.

Many people did not know that Lyndon LaRouche works together with his German wife Helga Zepp and drafts to the area of Hessen young people from all over the world to train as militants . The people with whom the supporters spoke were shocked to learn that In Germany and in many parts of the world the LaRouche youth movement stand outside Universities and persuade young people to abandon their studies and their families and work full time for them.

At the conference the silence was broken when families and ex members revealed the truth about the dangers of the LaRouche network. Ursula Caberta, state advisor for Sects from the State of Hamburg was ill and not able to be present but sent a message of support to all the families . Hugo Duggan called for there to be a “breaking of the silence” and that meant uncovering why Jeremiah died . Families from France and Germany described the trauma for a family when their children are damaged and lost to them by the methods of this LaRouche sect. Families agreed that when their sons and daughters joined the LaRouche youth movement they experienced “a loss like a living death of one’s child.” All families described how they were intimidated into silence through the fear that if they spoke out they would lose the little contact they had with their children. This process at work involved subjugation and deception and was proof enough of how this is a destructive cult. For this reason families joined together to appeal for a full enquiry into the dangers faced by Jeremiah six years ago and was important to protect others. However Erica Duggan appealed to ex members and families saying that there were ways of “breaking the silence” and that if that had been done before perhaps Jeremiah would be alive today. Families agreed that Justice for Jeremiah was Justice for all.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness that the LaRouche organization in the USA and Germany is one and the same organization, run as one by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. Ex member Aglaya Beyes Corleis, herself a resident of Wiesbaden and author of a book on the Cult explained how for the last 30 years Wiesbaden is the centre for Europe. Dr Matthew Feldman, Senior History lecturer Northampton College revealed how the dissemination of anti-Semitic propaganda is even more dangerous when it takes on the coded form evident in the propaganda of the LaRouche organization. He was supported by all members of the family and ex members panel who called upon the German authorities to take action to fully enquire into all possible dangers. The families described how their sons and daughters were idealistic young people who were trapped in a dangerous web where they were misled with fraudulent conspiracies and how they were manipulated so that their capacities to detect the coded anti-Semitism went undetected. The young people suffer long hours of work with little payment in the mistaken belief that they are benefitting the world when in reality they are only serving the ends of the LaRouche leaders who appear to be well connected and wealthy.

A letter of support from Simon Hughes MP for the British Parliament was read at the meeting and messages of support were sent from Professor Wieskirchen (SPD) and Herr Stroebele ( Greens) who deeply regretted they were unable to attend. The Deputy Consul of France came from Frankfurt to give support to the number of French families represented at the meeting and to learn more.

It is not known if there is any state advisors for sects in Hessen but it was learnt from one source that the church sect advisors for the Hessen area do not cover political cults. Therefore there appears to be little support for families who suffer from the activities of political youth cults in Hessen. An answer to the invitation to attend the meeting from the mayor of Wiesbaden has not yet been received. The meeting concluded with an appeal to the good people of Hessen to do more to expose the dangers of a totalitarian youth sect and to campaign for Justice for Jeremiah and in that way ensure that there is public scrutiny of the death of a young student who came as an innocent visitor to the town when the reality was he was being targeted for recruitment by a destructive sect disseminating throughout the world anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Press releases:

  • Press release about this event here english flag ( pdf)
  • Press release announcing this event here english flag.
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  • Invitation on posters for People of Wiesbaden. (Leaflet distributed) In German here german flag ( pdf)
  • Background information leaflet.
  • Statement sent by Chip Berlet - political analyst in the USA.

    "The LaRouche organization is currently the world’s largest distributor of literature based on ‘coded anti-Semitism,' rooted in the false allegation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Furthermore, evidence of systematic incitement to hatred against the British and worldwide Jewry in LaRouche publications which started in the 1970’s continues unfettered to this day. Through their prime publishing outlets in Wiesbaden, the LaRouche group in Germany is responsible for spreading worldwide propaganda, much of which is based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. "

    CHIP BERLET, the senior analyst at Political Research Associates in Somerville, MA, who has tracked the LaRouche sect’s activities for over 30 years and has written dozens of articles and special reports on them.

  • Press statement by Dennis King - author of Lyndon LaRouche the new American Fascism.

    "LaRouche’s doctrines express a mixture of hate and scorn, thinly-veiled euphemisms and conspiracy theories involving Jewish banking families. The method used is to build up prominent Jews as symbolic hate figures, developing new forms of ‘blood libel,' and the concoction of the myth of an evil ‘oligarchy’­ also known as the ‘Zionist-British organism,' the ‘Venetian party’ or simply ‘the British.’ This ‘oligarchy’ is the target of the LaRouche organization’s most violent abuse, naming them as utterly evil and parasitical. Thus we see how anti-Semitism lies at the core of their belief system.”

    DENNIS KING, author of the critically acclaimed "Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism".


  • Statement from British family : English english flag
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  • Statement sent from USA ex member Molly Kronberg English english flag German german flag
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Erica and Hugo Duggan then together with friends of Jeremiah returned to the streets of Wiesbaden for the second time to speak directly to the people of the town and appeal to them to use their democratic rights to campaign for Justice for Jeremiah and to ask them not to turn a blind eye to how families all over the world continue to be destroyed when the young people are sent to be trained in the Hessen area.

Remembering Jeremiah Duggan

By Helene Cacace

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