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French Parents Collective statement to be read at Erica Duggan Berlin Forum, 17 October 2008

Delusion and Deception. Strong concerns about our children.

First, we want to emphasize the fact that there is no fight against our children and us at all. We love them, and we will love them forever.

In 2005, French parents concerned by the situation of their son have set up a group. What is important to say is that, in this group, the feelings of each parent about the Larouche Movement and Solidarité &Progrès are identical at least on one point: for us, this movement is dangerous, especially for the young adults and students, who are the main target of Lyndon Larouche.

1.      A few weeks after they met LYM members in the street or nearby campuses, we were all stricken all stricken by the dramatic changes in our children's behavior, activities, musical tastes, and political views. While discussing with them, we all noticed that they had acquired new ways of expressing themselves.  A new vocabulary arose, with large use of words such as "synarchy", "organizing". And, more importantly, each one of our sons or daughters rejected ideas they supported a few weeks before.

2.      Since then, our children have abandoned their studies or their jobs, some before the age of eighteen. They have absolutely no income. And, furthermore, they are obviously isolated from society. When we discuss that point with them, they question our point of view. They say "We meet people every day and we discuss with them".  Delusion! They neither accept criticism from others, nor do they adopt other’s ideas as part of a healthy exchange. The Larouche Land is their world! In this way, they are completely desocialized.  They justify this break from society by saying that they have to sacrifice themselves in order to save the world. Delusion! The fact of the matter is that they have no more future. Not only have they become fully dependent on the movement, but they are also losing the sense of what having one’s own voice means.

3.      They have adopted the ideas of the "Great Man", Lyndon Larouche, and they never questioned these ideas.

When we discuss with our children about some larouchian extreme statements, they don't see the questionable character of it. Let's just give one example which can be found in The Campaigner, December 1978 issue, entitled "Zionism Is Not Judaism". Our children simply sweep aside the questionable character of this statement with the back of their hands.  Larouche has acquired such a dimension in their minds that these youths no longer have access to their former values nor to values which make up our civilization. 

More generally, there is a kind of despise in their feeling about their parents, as if we would not be able to understand. We, the parents, are not initiated!

Obviously, a mechanism of thought reform has worked on them!

4.      Kingsize deception and trickery :

From our children's point of view, the situation is clear: they belong to a political party involved in improving mankind. Improving mankind! Very attractive and noble idea, isn't it! Easy to understand how young adults may be lured by this stuff. Inside the movement, they are given the impression of being part of kind of political elite whose aim is to rule society. Using seduction, Larouche and Cheminade ask LYM members to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Stricken with the complexities of society themselves, they play on fear to develop loyalty of LYM members:

·         announcing major economic crisis on the verge of plunging the world into a New Dark Age

·         announcing  the Third World War

·         announcing that Al Gore’s film on global warming is  not only based on unscientific findings, but that its influence would have disastrous effects if ecological protection laws were really implemented.

·         announcing that both of the US Presidential candidates are swindlers (in spite of the fact that Larouche himself was condemned to prison on these same charges).

What is the reality? In addition to raising funds, the youths in this movement have basically one role: generate more fear. They solicit fear in by-passers by posting alarming statements. These statements twist our “shared” version of reality while continuing to be based on real current events.  Potential recruits are reassured by the promise that their engagement is the only real true action that can save the world. This promise is also a “therapeutic” promise. By changing their attitude and joining the movement or at least by contributing funds, the individual can expect leniency and opportunity:

·         Leniency with respects to group pressure and ordinary guilt feelings

·         Opportunity to act upon what seem to be one’s conscious reasons for guilt.

No political aim at all!

What they can’t realize is that they have been manipulated into contributing to the perpetuation of the over inflated ego of their self appointed, totalistic leader and to his personal financial well-being, and to giving up their own capacity to think.

5.      Jeremiah Duggan's death

The French Parents Group wonders about Jeremiah Duggan's death. Actions driven by Erica Duggan have raised some questions relative to the circumstances of her son's death. Of course, for our children, all these elements are part of a conspiracy against Larouche.

 Our conviction is that Erica Duggan really needs to know the truth.

6.      What are our strong wishes?

·         We, French parents, want to express our support to Erica Duggan.  German authorities must do their duty:  bringing answers to legitimate questions Erica Duggan has raised for 5 years. If there are some blocking processes, these processes must be removed.

·         We, French parents, wish a strong action against a dangerous movement which is in the process of destroying life and future of our children. Our strong wish for our children is they can achieve a normal life, as free citizens.


French Parents Group, October 2008