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Friday March 27, 2009, 11 am to 1 pm

CROWNE PLAZA; Conference room: BACH

Bahnhofstr. 10
65185 Wiesbaden, Germany


Moderator: Ursula Caberta, (AGS) an agency of the Interior Ministry of the City of Hamburg, Germany established to help those affected by cults and provide information: 

A panel of speakers will publicly examine whether the LaRouche network is a danger to its members, to the young people it seeks to recruit and to the democratic institutions it seeks to undermine through doctrines of Hate.  Affected families from Germany, UK and France will tell of how their sons and daughters are persuaded to abandon their studies, their families and their former lives and devote their lives to furthering the goals of the Bueso and this means full time to raising funds . Ex members will speak out about the psycho terror.  

Facts will be examined to show how for the last 30 years Wiesbaden is the centre for Europe and how from all over the world people are brought to Germany  to be trained to be militants for Helga Zepp and Lyndon LaRouche. Dr Matthew Feldman (Northampton University) will present research findings to show  how from Hessen  their codes  and  convoluted  conspiracy  theories  promoting anti-Semitism and anglophobia destructive to family life and to Society is spread worldwide.




Six years ago on the 27th March 2003 JEREMIAH DUGGAN, a jewish, british student died a violent death in Wiesbaden after attending a conference and youth training school organized by the LaRouche Schiller Institute. It was alleged Jeremiah was run over by cars.The case was closed quickly by the police who declared the drivers told them it was suicide. The British Court discounted suicide and stated Jeremiah died in a state of terror. Shortly before his death Jeremiah rung home saying he was frightened for his life and begging to be rescued from danger. For six  years the family have battled through the courts to get their human right to an investigation of the full circumstances re-opened. The verdict is still awaited in the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court.


PUBLIC MEETING:   11- 1 pm 

Days events:   2-3 pm Jeremiah’s family and friends will do a Memorial walk to the place where Jeremiah’s body was found. This spot is close to the EIR offices ( Bueso/LaRouche Press Agency)   New evidence raises many questions however the LaRouche/Network deny any involvement in Jeremiah’s death. They were in possession of his blood stained passport.

Town Protest:   9-10.30 am An appeal to the good people of Wiesbaden to consider the findings of the Berlin Conference 2008 that concluded that the international LaRouche/Bueso youth movement is a threat to the individual and a danger to Society.  In 1994, the Büso party was described in the Bundestag as a political sect.     

Phone or write to ensure your place and translation headset. Please disregard any information to tell you these events are postponed or times changed as in the past we experienced attempts to misinform. Consult our website for latest information: or Write  to or Ring/Reserve places from 26/03/09 on (0) 1623558244 or Contact anytime on 0044 (0)7817 808 633 Organized by Erica Duggan.Lawyers:Frances Swaine, Leigh Day & Co, St.Johns Lane,London EC1M4LB, Serdar Kaya, Christian Noll, Meinekestrasse 7,10719,Berlin,Hans Eberhard Schultz &Claus Forster Greifswalder Str 4, 10405 Berlin;

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