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Barbara Bonneau's statement

I am the mother of a youth, captivated by the Larouche Organisation,
in August 2005 when he was only sixteen. I was with him for the initial encounter. I am here today to explain not only what happened, but how it happened so fast, as well as what my understanding of this Organisation and the Schiller Centre is today. The youth of this organisation will probably say, as they have been taught to do, that we are calling for a censure. However any legitimate political or cultural organisation will and must stand up to scrutiny.

Needless to say that I wouldn’t be here had not this adventure turned out to be a disaster. Everyday, for the last 4 years, the Larouche Organisation has come more and more a part of our lives. My son is now 20. Instead of accomplishing all the things that young people are able to accomplish in a short time, my son has become sort of a shadow. In joining the Larouche Organisation and in coming to The Schiller Centre our youth expects to be enlightened. Instead, after being lied to and manipulated to accept totalitarian goals, they are indoctrinated to propagate Larouche’s principals through disguised language.

The creation of new totalitarian groups takes place today out of cultural centres like the Schiller Centre all over the world. From the outside, these centres sometimes seem to have been founded to insure peace and fraternity, to renew culture and sometimes even place themselves outside of the political domain. This was the case for the Zayed Centre in Abu Dhabi in the Arab Emirates, closed at the end of the summer of 2003 because of its acquired reputation of having become a haven for fanatical anti-Semite conferences and press. Lyndon Larouche, Helga-Zepp-Larouche, Jacques Cheminade, as well as many other occidentals known for their anti-Semitic or revisionist’s viewpoints, were regularly invited to participate in these conferences after 2002. Larouche expressed his regrets at its closing in texts still available on the Internet today. Wasn’t Jeremiah was right to be terrorised by what he discovered here in Hessen? A totalitarian group has an absolute or total vision of the truth. Those that are not in the group or oppose it are rejected by it and don’t even have a right to exist.

In France the Larouche Organisation is listed on page 23 of the Prime Minister’s 2005 report for having cult deviancies. In the US there are numerous documents available, many written by Larouche himself, which expose in detail the extremist ideology and potential violence of this group. Indeed, the extreme changes in the personality of the members of this group makes the organisation seem more like a political cult than a party, with all of the characteristics of these groups. Nevertheless, like many totalitarian groups in the past, the difference between a cult and a full- fledged party is mostly a question of numbers and mandates.

This group acts and gains influence quickly without any form of incentive or constraint. They use recognized methods of captivating and manipulating. One small contact in the street is enough to get the youth to participate in a self–indoctrinating process or conference that will follow rapidly. One conference at the Schiller centre is enough, not only to insure an indefinite participation, but also to train the youth to track and to “capture” others.

The Question that we must ask ourselves is: To what point is the Schiller Institute, the European Headquarters for this Organisation, another Zayed Center, for example? They held an international conference here just recently in February 2009 in Russelsheim (Hessen) where for the French youth alone there were at least ninety participants, including one of the 1995 French presidential candidates, Jacques Cheminade. On their program Larouche calls for nothing less than immediate reconstruction of the world! How many of the world’s youth will be programmed by Larouche’s army of elite tomorrow?

I am relating all this because I hope to convince you that it is necessary to investigate further in order to unveil the possible crimes of the Larouche Organisation and to stop its financing rather than simply to feel sorry for the parents or for its members. I appeal to you to contact your political representatives, your cult advisors, and your religious spokespersons to alert them to this situation here in your own community, and to request a new and full investigation into the death of Jeremiah Duggan. Even if it might be concluded, after proper investigation, that Jeremiah ran into traffic on a weekend trip more than a thousand kilometres from his home, we mustn’t ignore the reasons for this ultimate act. Indeed, if he was running in terror to escape an even greater danger, this mustn’t be ignored. Any complete and legitimate investigation will stand up to scrutiny.

I hope that my own son will understand that I am making this statement out of love and respect for him as well. I wouldn’t be able to look at him straight in the eyes without requesting a proper investigation and commemoration of the death of another youth who, like my son, believed that he was selflessly embracing the adventure of life by joining with the Larouche Organisation. Justice for Jeremiah is Justice for us all.

Thank you for listening.

Barbara Bonneau
French Family Participant