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The Destruction of family life and society by the Larouche movement

By Ada Waterford


This is my statement of what has happened to my family as a result of my son’s involvement with the Larouche organisation, and also why I believe that this organisation poses a threat to society as a whole.

I have used a pen name, as I am unable to disclose my identity because of the damage exposure may cause to my son and my family.

I first heard the name Lyndon Larouche in telephone conversation with my son over seven years ago, and since that day the lives of my family and my son have never been the same.  My son told me during this telephone call that he had met a group of people who were brilliant and were actively involved in trying to save the world from many threats, including saving the world financial system from collapse, preventing World War Three and a plot by a sinister group of people who were planning to replace the world’s governments with a fascist dictatorship. 

At around the same time as he came into contact with the Larouche organisation my son had suffered a major traumatic event and was searching on the internet for answers as to what was happening in the World.  I believe that he was recruited by the Larouche organisation at this time.  Shortly after my son came into contact with them he started to talk about all sorts of conspiracy theories, That George Bush, Dick Cheyney and others were involved in a Satanic cult, Jewish bankers including the Rothschilds and the Oligarchy were also involved.  I became increasingly concerned and horrified by what my son was telling me and decided to do some research into this organisation myself.

As my research continued I became so worried about what my son was involved with I started to make attempts to talk to him about his involvement with them.  These attempts were met with anger and an almost hysterical response as to why couldn’t I understand that these people were saving civilisation from destruction and why couldn’t I support him in his efforts to help them with their mission, I became the enemy and I never knew when I would provoke another frenzied outburst of frustration and anger at my lack of understanding.  As I was so worried about my son’s mental state I tried to find someone or some information that could help me and I came across The Cult Information centre on the internet and also bought the book by Stephen Hassan “ Releasing the Bonds”.  Reading Stephen Hassan’s book gave me some comfort, it showed how you could use certain methods to free people form the mind control techniques that they had been subjected to.  I enlisted the family into the effort to try and get my son free from the all-powerful influence that they had over my son.

It has now been more than 6 years that we have been trying to help my son and although he has never been a full time member, he did threaten many times to give up his career and join them full time. This would often happen at the times of the year when they were holding conferences and were driving up the hysteria of their members by constant badgering phone calls that would send my son into total panic about the next Terrorist attack, imminent World War or financial meltdown.   He would frantically call the family or email them to warn them about what was about to happen and to warn them not to visit him, as it was too dangerous.  During this period when he was at his worst he had several serious panic attacks and was hospitalised on more than one occasion.  After undergoing intensive medical examinations the Doctors were never able to find any physical explanation for my sons’ condition. He was also put under extreme pressure to give them money, always under the pretext of either buying books, paying for subscriptions to their magazines or supporting some campaign or other that was the hot topic of the moment.  He was almost bankrupted by them as he had given them all of his money and was in serious debt.  He is still utterly convinced that the World is on a precipice of war, financial oblivion and that they are the only organisation that can save humanity from total destruction. 

My sons’ suffering and trauma has been dreadful for the family, my daughter had a complete breakdown and spent many months having specialist counselling, as she became the main focus of his attacks during our efforts to save him. We became his enemy, as he was their victim so we became his. In his efforts to convince us that he was doing something good for the World and humanity we were bombarded with emails and Larouche publications, for instance EIR and told that we must read this or watch that webcast so that we could also understand what was happening and why he was doing what he was doing.  I have read EIR and watched many of their webcasts in an effort to understand what my son is thinking and to learn from these how I can counteract the impact that they have on my son.  I have found myself sometimes thinking what if they are right, even though I know about the Larouche organisation and what they do to people I still find that I can be seduced by their horrible propaganda and I have to fight these thoughts with everything that I believe in and have faith that they will be exposed for what they really are.

They have turned my son into the very thing that he despises the most, a Totalitarian Dictator within our family who must be listened to, as he and the ideas of Lyndon Larouche are the only way to save mankind from total annihilation.  We are grieving for the son, brother and grandson that they have stolen from us, he is no longer the person he once was, a loving, kind generous young man who would do his best to help anyone in distress.  The son that I love is still there in brief moments and I can reach him sometimes, but the obsession that drives him takes precedence over everything else and I have had to accept that if I want contact with him it will be on his terms and that I must accept what he believes to be true.  I try and do this but it is so very difficult when everything that they stand for is contrary to everything that I believe in.  I cannot and will not ever join my son in the nightmare world that he inhabits and that they have created,  and I pray that one day he will open his eyes and see what they have done to him and the people who love him most.

If this organisation can do this to my son , who is a university graduate, very intelligent and an extremely well read young man, they are capable of doing this to anyone who gets involved with them. It does not need personal contact, as I have discovered by my own research into them and the exposure that I have had to their webcasts, Internet site and publications. Their messages are a subversive and insidious virus that infects everyone who comes into contact with it. This organisations’ methodology is really quite simple, they destroy your core beliefs in everything and anyone that you had faith in, this then creates doubt and suspicion and sends you on a search to find the “Truth” , You have been seduced, as once you start on this search you will find that in the Larouche organisation, there isn’t anything that you can believe in.  You have been told lies by your parents, your teachers, your government, the scientists and any organisation that you thought might be doing something good is part of the global conspiracy.  Who can you trust, what can you believe in, now that your faith in everything else has been destroyed. There is only one thing left, Larouche and his “Truth”,  the process is complete you are now a believer and trapped in the never-ending nightmare that is the creation of Lyndon Larouche.

I believe that the danger this organisation poses to the individual and society as a  whole is incalculable and it is time the Authorities and the professionals who have the power to control and expose organisations such as this do so.  My family are just one group of people who has been affected by them.  I am unable to speak openly and fight for my son and my family who have already suffered so much.  Who is out there who will have the courage to speak out for us and do what is right.

I will end my statement by just saying that I continue to have faith that my son will one day come back to us, and we will once again be a united loving family.