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Statement to be presented by Erica Duggan to the Meeting in Wiesbaden Crown Plaza Hotel on the 27th March 2009 the anniversary of six years since our beloved son Jeremiah died.

Six years ago we received the most terrible news that changed our lives forever: That was the news that our son Jeremiah was dead. That same day in the early hours of the  morning  I had received a phone call from Jeremiah. He  sounded so terrified that I knew immediately that his life was at stake. He told me he was frightened, that he wanted to get away from people with the  LaRouche network and he told me he was in Wiesbaden.

From that day until now and it has been six long years I have gone on a terrible journey discovering things I never knew anything about before. This has been all in an attempt to  find out what happened to Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was greatly loved by his friends, by his sisters and by his family and no one could account for how such a positive young man who showed such zest and enthusiasm for what life had to offer should die in a foreign country with people he hardly knew and that the view should be by these same people that this was suicide!

 No one could understand how it was that these same people fled the country the moment we arrived in Germany. These same people told lies about him and about me and refused to speak to us. Also we knew nothing about sects, about coded anti-Semitism and about how a group can use deception to such an extent that they even believe their own lies and create a terrifying unreal world peopled by figments of their imagination to terrify themselves and other people into fraudulent conspiracies of horror and devastation. The leader a convicted fraudster knows how to manipulate peer group pressure to continue the belief in a fantasy world controlled by a conspiracy of evil people who are trying to destroy the world. Anyone who dares  to leave is responsible for the destruction that may befall the world while LaRouche himself disseminates a belief in fictitious enemies trying to harm the organization. For example I am portrayed as some sort of pawn manipulated by the powerful enemies of Bush, Blair and Cheney when these people probably have never even heard of me! The rest of the world is portrayed as something threatening and wrong and only the LaRouche truth being the real truth.

I knew nothing about the destructive methods, the frauds and the lies of the LaRouche group but I do believe that there are many people in Germany and France who did know but had chosen the easy path of saying: this is a small group, it’s not  dangerous, it’s just a joke etc. That way they do not have to do anything. Not care and just let them carry on – reformulate – pretend they are part of some sort of high culture music groups, poetry groups and This  smokescreen is erected and may well make the older members feel they were part of something of value but there is no hiding the truth that their High Culture Groups like the Schiller Institute have as their foundations  values  that subscribe to  a form of coded anti-Semitism which is more dangerous because it seeks to deceive and mask what they really are. This for me is what is so shocking because I believe my son got a sense of this when he wrote his last words in his notes which he heard during the conference: “Jewish leads to Bush leads to Cheney leads to fascism.

Why is our son dead ?  He is dead because people have turned away. They have avoided what they do not want to face. This group may be big or small growing or not growing but it exercises an influence over people’s lives and over the ideas that go out into the world. It is a betrayal of all the good Germans who never want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

We are here today to look at their ideas and how they influence people. We are not here to examine who killed Jeremiah. That is the duty of the police and I hope no matter how long it takes the good people of Germany and the Justice system will ensure one day that happens.

I know that my son would be alive today if he had not come to Wiesbaden. He would be alive today if people in the past had the courage to stand up and be counted. He would be alive today if families who know what harm this sect has done to their children had possessed the courage to STAND UP TO BULLIES. I believe that Helga and Lyndon LaRouche are bullies and have intimidated people for years in order to continue their capturing of young lives.

Mothers and Fathers devote their lives and their time into loving and caring for their children. What right do these leaders have to enslave our children and trap them into a form of modern day slavery where their lives are so wasted!

We need to understand more about the process of subjugation and the sophisticated techniques of influencing young and idealist young people.  And more important than anything is that if we had answers as to why Jeremiah died here in this place in Hessen we may know what really was behind his death. What caused it whether psychological or physical assault on his person.  If we knew why Jeremiah died we would know about the dangers for all young people by political sects like the Lyndon LaRouche youth movement.

The fact that for 6 years the authorities have brushed this death under the carpet and the fact that the present Prosecutor describes me in a letter which she asked the British Foreign Office to actually show me and stated  Erica Duggan ….is just a mother who cannot accept the suicide of her son “  This shows you how limited is her present understanding of the fundamental question. WHY DID JEREMIAH DIE?


I feel sure that with more time she will learn more about mothers and about humanity but if she does not then it is a very sad day for Germany.

Why should the German Prosecutor think that any good mother should not if she loved her child not want to find out what happened to her son? Especially when all the indications were that Jeremiah was trying to stay alive and not end his life? Why should the German Prosecutor consistently claim that they did not have to investigate because it was suicide and in the same breath state they thoroughly investigate? 

I call on the concerned people in this town to raise as many questions as you can about the circumstances of my son’s death and to ask what is this youth movement really about? What harm does the LaRouche group  do to young people? The LaRouche group tell our children that their families, their education – basically our democratic state just lies to them and brainwashes them and unless they change their identity and their allegiances they will be responsible for allowing a nuclear holocaust to descend upon the world and destroy life as we know it forever.  This is  a threat to the democratic state and why does such a group be tolerated in modern day Germany? Why does Hessen allow a convicted criminal to suppress young people and cut them off from all their families?

It is here in Wiesbaden that young people are drawn from all over the world . I have letters from families in Canada, Australia, France, USA, Britain and they tell all the same story. It is here that young people from Australia, Canada, the Americas, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain Canada and Britain come to be trained to be world revolutionaries by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

IT is from here that literature is dispersed worldwide from the EIR offices in Erbenheim. These ideas are based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The recruits are enslaved and they lose all freedom of mind so that they even fail to detect the anti-Semitism and the cultlike qualities of the group.

Even after my son died young people are fed a diet of lies about him from the LaRouche leadership in order to continue the enslavement process.

I come today to Wiesbaden to appeal to the good  people of this town to honour my son’s  memory and  work with us to  find a way to  prevent more harm being done. Dr Matthew Feldman will speak on how to  combat all forms of prejudice and organized anti-Semitism particularly the most dangerous sort of all that which is masked and coded.


Erica Duggan.