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French Family -Personal Statement for Wiesbaden Conference

Our son has been trapped in the Larouche Organization since December 2003. At that time, he met French LYM members in the street, and a few days after, he announced us that he was going to attend a conference in Paris, a conference organized by Lyndon Larouche. Lyndon Larouche gave a speech at this conference. Since then, our son has been  a full time member of this organization.

 A couple of years after, I found the video of the conference through the Internet and I watched it. You understand why, I guess.  At the end of the Lyndon Larouche’s speech, special announcements were made by Jacques Cheminade, chairman of Solidarité et Progrès. He explained that there were possibilities for people to have a quick lunch and sandwiches. And, what is more important is that he continued his announcement by saying:

"I ask the 40 young people whom we have invited to follow us to the restaurant where we are expected to go, and to be there in exactly 5 minutes. We are not allowed to circulate everywhere. I ask Christophe and Elodie [1] to be in charge of them."

Everyone understands that there had been a special treatment for these 40 young people. These people were those who had been hooked by LYM youth in the street, and had been 'worked over' by French LYM members. They had been so 'worked over' that they accepted to participate at the Larouche Conference in Paris. At this conference, they were taken in hand by people from the organization. They were potential recruits and they needed special treatment. The aim of this special treatment was for them to become real full time members. No time was given to them to realize what happened, no time had been left to them for thinking. In these kinds of circumstances, time is short for the recruiters!

The same story repeats itself over and over through years. I am going to give only three examples, but there are plenty of them. [2]

Given in chronological order:

1.      First example :The first is the main reason why we are gathered here today: March 2003, Bad Schwalbach , Larouche Conference

Jeremiah had been there. Since then, Erica lost her son. Why?

2.      Second example: It is the example I just spoke above. My family has been deeply affected by this second example, and still is: December 2003 Paris,  Larouche Conference

A few young French people were there.  Among them was our son. Since then, he has been  a full time member of Solidarité & Progrès.

3.      Third example : February 2009, Rüsselsheim,  Larouche Conference

In February 2009, A Larouche Conference took place in Rüsselsheim, not so far from the place we are today. How many young people from France participated at this event? My fear is that, since then, part of these participants may have  been trapped in this movement. How many? What's more is that our son participated in the recruitment of these young people. The same young people, who have been recruited, trapped, become those who recruit and trap other young people.

May we accept this story to continue, without saying a word?


[1] Christophe and Elodie are still members  of the Org

[2] For the U.S. only, the figure for 2003 is 8 conferences and 6 conferences for 2004.