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Jeremiah was unwittingly lured to what he thought was an anti-war conference held in Germany by something they called the Schiller Institute. This was a deception as this conference and the youth school is merely a cover for recruiting to the LaRouche political network.
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Jeremiah phoned his mother in London before he was killed telling her that he his life was in danger. He spoke about how he wanted to escape from the LaRouche group. He spoke to his girlfriend about being put under extreme pressure, repeating that it was his intention to return to her in Paris.

Within the hour of his last phone calls his body was found on the side of the autobahn. No doctor examined the injuries to see if they were caused by being hit and run over. All that was done was that a doctor testified him as dead. The German authorities viewed immediately Jerry's death as a suicide. This was used as a justification for not fully investigating this death. Click here for facts about the failure to investigate. The British Inquest in 2003 discounted the suicide verdict and stated that prior to his death Jeremiah had been in a state of terror. The German and British authorities prefer to brush this under the carpet. The family’s request to uncover what led to such a violent and unnatural death has been ignored.

The LaRouche Schiller Institute  have taken it upon themselves to write letters to oppose  an investigation, publish lies, defamation and slander about Jeremiah, his death and his family. Click here to learn more.

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Jeremiah DugganBorn 10 Nov. 1980 London, U.K.
Died 27 Mar. 2003 Wiesbaden, Germany.