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The Case of Jeremiah Duggan

On 27 March 2003 the body of a British student Jeremiah Duggan, was found at the side of a dual carriage way outside the town of Erbenheim, five and a half kilometres from Wiesbaden Germany.

It was alleged that Jeremiah was hit by a series of cars but there were no signed witness statements and  the  German police  decided  almost immediately that this was suicide,  there was no third party involvement and therefore there was no need for a proper investigation.

Jeremiah was a 22 years old, bright popular student known to be close to his family and friends with no previous signs of anything but enthusiasm for learning and life.

In Paris. where he was studying he bought a newspaper called “Nouvelle Solidarity” on 28th January 2003 from a Benoit Chalifoux, a recruiter for the Lyndon LaRouche Organization, who stood outside the British Institute in. Jeremiah was unaware that he was being lured into recruitment to the LaRouche youth movement.

The Conference was organized by the Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden, Germany.

This is a front group headed by Lyndon LaRouche which since 2000 operates a youth cadre in Germany and France. The LaRouche network spreads on an international scale. See   on the Justice for Jeremiah Website for details of countries and information. Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted criminal, who served five years of a fifteen year prison sentence in the US. At the British Inquest Detective Inspector Cowell referred to the sinister nature of this organisation.  The British police referred to it as “some form of dangerous political cult.” Since the age of seven Jeremiah was a member of a Jewish youth movement and trained as a youth leader in Israel. Jeremiah was totally opposed to any form of religious or racial hatred and was unaware of the anti-Semitic foundations of the LaRouche network.

On the day after the death of Jeremiah the Duggan parents went to Wiesbaden. They met with a leading official of the LaRouche organization who took a leading role in teaching at the youth movement school held on the Monday and Tuesday following the weekend Conference. He told Erica and Hugo Duggan that he remembered their son as he had spoken up and said he was a Jew in a group meeting when the Jews were being blamed for the Iraq war and all the problems in the world. In 2008 this official Jonathan Tennenbaum has denied this statement. Mr Tennenbaum now claims that Jeremiah was saying this in the street when the young people were instructed to set up book tables on the streets of Frankfurt. This is a method used by the Organization to get young people to become more committed by putting them very early into situations where they are selling the LaRouche publications on the streets to the public. This official Jonathan Tannenbaum now maintains that there is no anti-Semitism in the LaRouche organization and that it was an Arab person who spoke out against the Jews and that caused Jeremiah to say he was a Jew. This is definitely not what Erica and Hugo Duggan and Judith Hoffman heard Jonathan Tennenbaum say on the 28th March 2003 but it is important to note that the LaRouche organization members do not agree that their views are antiSemitic.

In 1996 the German Federal Government described the organization as a “political sect” in an answer to an inquiry from a member of parliament.

The 2007 second edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica  describes how through the notorious writings of Lyndon LaRouche  “ anti-Semitic ideas and conspiracy theories once circulated exclusively by German Nazis and their neo-Nazi offspring entered popular culture, mainstream political debate, and even broadcast television series, especially in Islamic and Arab countries in the Middle East. These included a revival of the false allegations from the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These conspiracy allegations moved into more mainstream circles through bridging mechanisms that often mask the original allegations.

In the early hours of 27 March 2003 Jeremiah telephoned both his girlfriend and his mother telling them he was frightened and wanted to get away from the LaRouche organization, he referred to as “Nouvelle Solidarite”  There was no doubt to his family his life was under threat.  During his last contact with his mother 35 minutes after he begged she came that minute to Wiesbaden. His cry for help clearly showed his mother and his grandmother (who overheard this telephone call) that he was doing everything to try and stay alive. The telephone line was suddenly and unexpectedly disconnected. He did not call back. This left his mother gravely concerned and fearful for his safety. She dialled 999. A short while later at approximately 06.10h his body was found at the side of a dual carriageway five and a half kilometres out of the town. It is alleged that Jeremiah ran from a flat in Wiesbaden which is more than five and a half kilomentres to this desolate spot where he was  hit by a series of cars.

As a result of the family’s commissioning investigations and an examination of photographs taken of the alleged accident scene it now can be shown that Jeremiah may not have been killed by those cars. Expert forensic evidence suggests that he was not hit or run over by the cars found at the scene. The pathology reports based on the post mortem report and the photographs indicate he may have been severely beaten around the head and that caused his death.  The German authorities decided there was no third party involvement and that was the reason they could close the case at a very early stage ( within one hour effectively) with no need for a full investigation of the circumstances of the death.

The Coroner at the British Inquest in November 2003 accepted without investigation the German authority’s view that this was a death by traffic accident. It can be proved by documents that the Coroner did not have witness statements nor did he have any information from the German authority to show that any doctor had examined the body to ensure that the injuries were consistent with being run over or hit by a car. The British  post mortem that was carried out did not mention Traffic crash. However the Coroner Dr Dolman, gave a narrative verdict stating there was no grounds to assume suicide and that prior to his death Jeremiah was in a state of terror.

There was no medical examination at all in Germany of Jeremiah’s injuries to assess whether they were commensurate with the damage seen to the cars. There was no post mortem in Germany, in spite of the doctor who identified the death as recommending one. No Prosecutor came to the scene of the crash to decide whether or not a doctor should examine the injuries. This is in violation of the German Federal law. It is also very shocking that police officers did the work of the doctors and took off Jeremiah’s clothes, took photographs and then wrote to the British authorities that a post mortem had taken place when it can be proved this is not the case.

The tracks on the road do not match the cars and there was no forensic investigation of the cars. Recently the German accident reconstruction specialist has admitted in writing that the cars were moved and this invalidates the so called accident study by the Germans. In the UK , the Pathologist Dr Shove, who carried out the British post mortem met with Erica Duggan and when she asked him to re-read his report and answer why there was no mention of traffic accident on the post mortem report that he had written, Dr Shove stated: “I did not know it was a traffic accident. Your son could not possibly have survived this degree of injuries. He was severely beaten around the head. I saw no tyre marks showing he had been run over or glass showing he had smashed windows. If I had seen this I would have noted them.”

Keir Starmer QC has offered to head our legal team and take the relevant steps to apply to the Attorney General for a new British Inquest. This is because there is a need to establish where, when and  how Jeremiah died.  Keir Starmer views this case as an illegal killing.

The German authorities have closed the case. The British authorities, namely the Coroner has also closed the case. In Germany the family have been advised by the FCO that the only route is for them to take legal action through the courts. This means that the mother Erica Duggan is expected to investigate the death of her son as the German courts will not investigate unless we can show who did the crime and how and where. Erica Duggan has taken the legal route but the appeal for an investigation has been refused by the German authorities and at this moment the case has reached the highest Court in the land , the German Constitutional Court. The case rests on a violation of article 2, 3, and the failure to grant her a fair public hearing.

It is well documented that this organization spreads anti-Semitism worldwide. From the Lyndon LaRouche youth movement sites on the internet books and documents are accessible that spread holocaust denial, incite hatred against the Jews and the British and spread misinformation and defamation.  The goals behind this political movement is disguised behind a surface of high culture by the Schiller Institute which is headed by LaRouche’s wife Helga Zepp LaRouche. The LaRouche Network, of which the Schiller Institute is part is widely regarded by experts as a sophisticated network of anti-Semitic cultlike organizations with dangerous connections. Their target to incite hatred against the British Crown and has gone on for more than thirty years and Jeffrey Steinberg ( LaRouche operative) has continued this tradition by publishing articles of defamation against Erica Duggan and the event of Jeremiah’s death. This approach to incite hatred against the British has not changed as can be seen at the 2003 Conference. After Jeremiah’s death the articles that were published by the LaRouche publications contain defamation and lies not only about the Duggan family but also about British institutions and British Ministers and continue with their pernicious conspiracy theories, all of which are published from their offices in Erbenheim and these crimes  have been allowed to go unpunished in Germany.

 The LaRouche network uses different names and front groups in a variety of countries. They all share one thing: They are directed by the LaRouche headquarters in the States where the Schiller Institute is registered. Wiesbaden is the European headquarters of the LaRouche organization headed by Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp LaRouche. She is also Chairwoman of the BueSo  –Burgerrectsbewegung Solidarity: which takes part as a political party in elections and receives votes in the area of under 1%.  Recently there has been major financial problems and faction fighting within the LaRouche organization. There has been mass defection by older members who are not part of the youth cult and may fear exposure if more about the death of Jeremiah leads to an enquiry into their methods of recruiting and care of recruits.

However Lyndon and his wife Helga LaRouche have made it known they intend to build up the youth movement in Europe. This means canvasses outside Colleges in France and Germany to recruit young people to abandon their studies and become full time members of what researchers see as a neo Nazi type youth cult. Lyndon LaRouche in his earlier days described how he saw his destiny as the leader of world revolution. Just as Hitler saw his destiny as a ruler of the Master Race, LaRouche envisions a similar destiny for himself. He stated, "I resolved that no revolutionary movement was going to be brought into being in the USA unless I brought it into being. Chip Berlet (a political analyst in the U.S and author of books on LaRouche) has successfully won court cases brought against him by LaRouche when Berlet accused LaRouche of being an anti-Semite) Berlet states that the LaRouche network has a history of violence, terror tactics, emotional coercion and intimidation. The numbers may be small in the different countries but as the youth cults expand and their drive for recruitment with the use of their own press and media outlets increases their role as agents of misinformation and anti-Semitism gains importance. As is already the case the Middle East Press make abundant use of the pernicious anti-Israel, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories of Lyndon LaRouche.

The LaRouche youth movement uses cultlike techniques to break down the young person so that once stripped of their previous identity they can be better converted to work exclusively for them.. Evidence suggests Jeremiah was subjected to a sustained mental attack. Evidence for this is part of the German submission to the courts and includes witness testimonies.

Six expert reports provide compelling evidence that Jeremiah was not killed as a result of being hit or run over by cars. The most important evidence is given by an eminent pathologist who has impeccable credentials. He has stated that the photographs show that Jeremiah was not run over by any cars nor were the injuries causes by a severe hit from a car. In fact forensic evidence stated in the British post mortem provide undisputable evidence that Jeremiah took some time to die and that the nature of the injuries to the spine, the ribs indicate that the death could not have been by being hit or run over. Also there are no indications on the clothes or skin ( photographs show the body and the back of the head and the face) that show tyre marks or depressions. Tjere are also serious flaws in the reporting of an earlier incident in which Jeremiah is alleged to have been hit at high speed by a car tossed in the air only to get up and run off for a further 10 minutes before being hit and run over.  

A further reason for suspicion of an illegal killing rather than a road traffic accident is the fact that normally with any road traffic accident there are deposits on the cars or along the road like blood, material or human tissue to suggest collision  with  a vehicles. It is reported in the German police report by their traffic reconstruction expert that none were seen. The expert reports using enlarged and special techniques for digital imaging also confirms this fact. There are a number of other forensic facts contained in reports written by experts that lead them to write that this death was not caused as a result of a traffic accident. The other highly suspicious facts are the phone call made by Jeremiah shortly before his death warning his mother that he was in deep trouble. Also the statement made by members of the LaRouche organization that Jeremiah ran five and a half kilometres along a dual carriage way before running across the road.

It is highly suspicious that even if Jeremiah had run all this distance that it should happen to be a five minutes distance away from the headquarters of the LaRouche offices. The Manager of the Schiller Institute was in possession of Jeremiah’s passport which was not found with his body, and this raises the question were the LaRouche people involved in the circumstances surrounding the death.

It is claimed that LaRouche’s worldwide organization has many links with extremist, fascist / neo-Nazi underground as well as mainstream political organizations and it is this that makes it   an ideal conduit for the dissemination and transfer of cash to facilitate overt and covert political activities. [1]  Violence is not unknown among the political tools of Lyndon LaRouche. [2]

The documents which were found in Jeremiah’s bags suggest anti-Semitism and Anglophobia. Much of this can be traced back to earlier documents and speeches by Lyndon LaRouche which parallel fascist and Nazi doctrines. [3] According to LaRouche one and a half million Jews, not many millions, perished during the Holocaust, and they died from overwork, disease, and starvation in work camps rather than from a planned program of extermination. [4] The anti-Semitic propaganda of LaRouche is masked through the use of codes and falsification but with study becomes all too obvious.

A civil complaint pertaining to the death of Jeremiah Duggan has been filed in Germany by the human rights organization, AGPF which states that in their opinion the LaRouche organization represents a substantial threat to the individual.

There has been a continuing effort by the Duggan Family to re-open police investigations in Germany. The German authorities have consistently refused these applications. On 7th February 2005, Mrs Duggan filed an application for the resumption of police investigations in Germany arguing that there was factual evidence of third – party involvement in her son’s death. That application was rejected by the German Public Prosecution Office on 22 March 2005. On 20 April 2005, Mrs Duggan filed an appeal against this decision. This appeal was rejected by the Public Prosecution Office of the Frankfurt Regional Court of Appeal on 15 August 2005. Thereafter, Mrs Duggan filed an application for enforcement with the Frankfurt Regional Court of Appeal on 25 August 2005, with the aim of having the Public Prosecution Office ordered to re-open investigations. The Court considered that no ruling was required on the admissibility of the application, as it could not see what investigative measure would lead to a different conclusion from the one already arrived at. Thereafter, Mrs Duggan filed a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court on the 1 October 2006 be overruled on the grounds of violation of the German Basic Law. To date no reply has been given.

For the first two years after the death of Jeremiah the family were not aware that the British post mortem was not a forensic one and had not established whether or not Jeremiah had died from being hit and run over by a car. The case that had been presented to the German authorities rested on the facts about Jeremiah being subjected to a sustained mental attack by individuals belonging to a destructive cult who had tried to get him to join them and when he raised doubts then looked upon him with much suspicion. There was evidence from witnesses that after his death he was seen as a British Spy out to harm them. 

When the facts emerged more starkly that there had been no criminal investigation in Germany of the body, the scene of the crash, the drivers or the  cars  the focus of the case changed. New investigations were instigated by the family. What was also uncovered was that the there were some serious flaws and insufficiencies in the British first Inquest. Dr Dolman was the Coroner and his attitude was that we should accept the view of the German authorities and accept without taking objections the German police summaries. This was in spite of their being no evidence of any real investigation and no witness statements.  It was decided by Frances Swaine from Leigh Day and Co that because the new findings from the expert reports were so strong we should not criticize Dr Dolman and should ask for a fresh Inquest based on new evidence.  Afterall what was clear was that the full circumstances of the death had not been investigated.

Recent legal complaints show that the German police are violating the Penal code by their destruction of evidence (clothes and shoes) and by their not carrying out due process when certifying the death.

In 24th May 2007 Questions were raised in the Bundestag by the parliamentarians Hans-Christian Stroebele, Monika Lazar, Irmingard Schewe-Gerigk, Silke Stokar von Neuforn and the faction Bundnis 90/Die Grunen. The answer came back from the German Bundestag that they have no information on the LaRouche network. This is very shocking as the Prosecutor in Wiesbaden at the time of Jeremiah Duggan’s death was supplied with research documents and books on the extensively documented facts about the LaRouche network.

On the 12th May 2007 Louise Ellman MP launched the Early Day Motion that called on the Attorney General to reopen the case after new evidence was unveiled. This Motion was preceded by a well attended meeting in Portcullis House on the 27th March 2007.
At this meeting various speakers including Shimon Samuels from the Wiesenthal Centre spoke in support of the Campaign and about the need to have an investigation into Jeremiah Duggans death and its relation to the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement. Mr Samuels spoke about the history of the LaRouche network as spreading pernicious anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracies worldwide and also having placed death threats against him. The feeling of the meeting was very strong that the authorities cannot brush this question of Jeremiah’s death and the growth of a destructive youth movement in Europe under the carpet.

After many letters and meetings were set up with MPs the Campaign achieved 100 MP signatures to the EDM instigated by Louise Ellman.  The LaRouche Schiller Institute wrote to all of these MPs and stated that there had been a full German investigation ( false because they declared it suicide so as to justify NOT carrying out full investigations) and claimed that the British Inquest placed no blame on any third party. This is a misunderstanding of the inquest system which cannot suggest culpability and the important point is that no evidence for suicide was found and it was stated that  Jeremiah died in a state of terror. 

The representative of the Schiller Institute has written frequent letters to the media in both Germany and the UK and to the Duggan British lawyers with threats of litigation.  The MPs, my lawyers and the Media have on the whole not been intimidated as they see that an individual has the right to ask for a full investigation.

The LaRouche publications have from the year 2003 publishing defamation and lies about how my son was a drug addict, a mental case and how I was working as part of a conspiracy with Bush and Blair to defeat LaRouche. Anyone who supports the appeal for a full investigation is demonized as the enemy out to destroy the LaRouche organization.  Erica Duggan is accused of being a pawn in a conspiracy of a Bush Blaire alliance to harm the LaRouche organization. These misstatements and defamatory articles could well be used in a Court of Law as evidence of defamation against the Duggan family.

However in spite of the main thrust of the Duggan’s legal case being that the LaRouche youth movement is a secretive and closed totalitarian group that makes the gathering of evidence difficult in 2007 the Wiesbaden Prosecutor Office together with the Frankfurt Higher Court supplied Helga Zepp LaRouche with the entire 11 bundles of files on the Duggan case. This included sensitive and highly confidential witness statements, expert reports and all legal arguments in support of the not yet decided appeal to the Constitutional Court in Germany. This means that the integrity of future investigation could be violated and that possible witnesses will be discouraged from providing evidence if it is known that their confidential evidence will be handed over to those who may be implicated in the death. The German authorities did not consult the Duggan lawyers or tell them they were handing over the files and it was only uncovered by chance in March 2008. Witness security is now breached.

The LaRouche group have used these confidential files  for their own purposes. They have sent a copy of the police report to various people and printed extracts on their website using sensitive material. Their quotes give a misleading picture of what is recorded in these files.

The LaRouche network has from the beginning maintained they had nothing to do with Jeremiah’s death. On the otherhand the Duggan family claim they have misled the police with false statements about Jeremiah being a drug addict and a mental case. Also they have printed falsehoods about Erica Duggan’s campaign for Justice in their publications. They have given orders to their members to deny access to information and misled the authorities in an attempt to withhold information obstruct the course of Justice.

  1. They were in possession of Jeremiah’s passport which was not found with the body. Later forensic and DNA tests show it was stained with Jeremiah’s blood.
  2. Jeremiah had been attending a Conference where Lyndon LaRouche gave the opening address. He was still on probation. He addressed the youth cadre on the Tuesday before Jeremiah’s death on the Thursday morning. They sent the people last with Jeremiah out of the country and forbid them to talk to the family.
  3. There are witness statements that provide evidence that Jeremiah was subjected to extreme pressure, verbal bullying and a sustained mental attach. This was combined with information overload, sleep deprivation and subjugation. He was specially targeted as being British, a Jew and also seen with suspicion when he criticized their views on the the  Tavistock clinic which they maintain was connected to the British Military Intelligence. There is evidence in the lecture notes and briefings found in Jeremiah’s bags that he was exposed to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
  4. Before his death known recruiters were trying to get Jeremiah to join their movement and after his death he was viewed as a spy. It is known that Jeremiah was saying that he did not trust LaRouche, that he was suspicious of the organization and that he wanted to leave them. A few hours after his death a meeting was held in the Press ( Executive Inteligence Review ) offices. Jeremiah was described by Helga Zepp LaRouche as a spy sent over from Britain to harm their organization .  A violent and unstable recruiter Jean Gabriel spoke about how Jeremiah had been brainwashed by the Tavistock clinic. It is very alarming that the very suspicious behaviour of a sect which is known to come with a history of violence and terror tactics was never investigated to uncover whether or not Jeremiah was in a kidnap situation prior to his death where he was subjected to terror tactics and intimidation.

Despite all this support from the MPs on the 6th Feb 2008 it was stated that the Attorney General turned down our application for a second Inquest.  Dr Dolman the Coroner admitted at the first British Inquest that there was a lack of information and that it was not possible for the British to be able to carry out investigations without the support of the German authorities. It is part of the ongoing case in the UK that the Coroner gave up too easily and did not do a full and fearless investigation as he believed the case was closed in Germany.

The basic human right is that if  a British citizen dies abroad it is the duty of the British authorities to ensure that a suspicious death receives a basic investigation and that has not as yet been achieved.

The Chairman of the AntiSemitism Committee in Europe Prof. Wieskurchen Spokesman on Foreign Affairs for the SPD Group OSCE: Personal Representative of the Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE on Combating Antisemitism now gives his support to the need for more research to be done into the LaRouche organization in Germany and the Youth movement as well as the need for a fuller enquiry into any possible dangers posed. He supports a request into more being done to enquire into the suspicious death of Jeremiah Duggan.

They state that there was no need to carry out further investigations as they stated that Jeremiah’s death was a suicide. There has not been a full investigation to prove it was suicide so they cannot have it both ways – on the one hand they do not need to investigate and on the other they have investigated. They have reported to the Minister of Justice in Hessen that there has been a thorough in depth investigation. There is no evidence to prove it was suicide. There is no evidence to show that a full and in depth investigation took place.

A Forum took place on the 17th October 2008  in Berlin which brought together politicians, experts, former members and families to publicly examine the evidence that the LaRouche group / Bueso is a dangerous anti-Semitic sect.  Families from Germany, UK, Australia, USA and France presented very similar accounts of how this LaRouche group causes psychological damage by their techniques of mind control. They also explained how they were also manipulated into a conspiracy of silence in order not to lose contact with their children. Molly Kronberg, a former member of 35 years from the USA gave evidence of how her husband’s suicide in 2007 was caused by a sustained mental attack launched against him by Lyndon LaRouche. Former member Yves Messer from France explained how the use of a coded rhetoric and conspiracy theories misleads even Jewish people who once drawn into the organization lose their critical faculties to discern the anti-Semitism. Chip Berlet a leading political analyst from the States explained how  the LaRouche group is responsible for spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theory worldwide.  Mathew Feldman, Senior Lecturer at Northampton University spoke about how Lyndon LaRouche may be considered a neo-fascist movement who with their central propaganda arm the Schiller Institute and the Executive Intelligence Review perpetuate a global hub of hatred. This veiled form of anti-Semitism takes place on German soil and attracts from other countries new recruits to be imbibed with anti-Semitic conspiracies. Two German politicians: Prof. Gert Weiskirchen, chairman of the European Committee to combat anti-Semitism, member of the SPD and Hans –Christian Stroebele (Green party) spoke about the  need  to be vigilant against all forms of incitement to hatred and how it is urgent that the death of Jeremiah is re-opened and fully investigated. The leader of the Liberal Party Simon Hughes addressed the Forum with the facts about how a hundred MPs in Britain had signed an early day motion to call upon the British authorities to use Mutual Aid Treaties to get a re-opening of the investigations in Germany into Jeremiah’s death. This he felt was essential as it was clear from the British Inquest and from the facts of this case that this was no suicide and the death was caused by something that transpired at the time.

There has been a failure to carry out a full and fearless investigation both in Germany and in the United Kingdom. A petition has been presented to Gordon Brown which supports the need for a fresh investigation. More than 1,300 signatures have signed this petition. It is established that Jeremiah died a violent death five days after leaving Paris where he was fit and well and full of youthful enthusiasm for what he would learn about politics at the peace conference in Germany. Whether he died as a result of being subjected to a physical or mental assault the law has not so far helped us to get any answers yet to the very important question: “Why did Jeremiah die?

It is the view of Jeremiah’s family and their supporters that it is unfair and unreasonable of the British authorities to use the excuse that they cannot get involved in the legal process of another country when they have failed in their duty to ensure that Jeremiah who is a British citizens received his right  to  an article 2 investigation. Added to which any organization that poses a threat to the youth or is responsible for spreading anti-Semitic propaganda merits serious consideration by both German, British and French authorities in the efforts to combat all forms of anti-Semitism and comply with the European Convention of Human Rights.

What are the dangers that need to be uncovered? Whether Jeremiah died by being hit by cars or not  we already know that Jeremiah was a very healthy young man who died in a violent way and we also cannot turn a blind eye to the lack of a full investigation of what happened to him and why.


Written by  Erica Duggan

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The following documents are available by email on request.


  1. The LaRouche Network. A History of Anti-Semitism and Terror tactics. Erica Duggan.2004
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[3]    Hitler complained that the Jews in England exert an “almost unlimited dictatorship” through their manipulation of public opinion. Heinrich Himmler speculated in his unpublished notebooks on the “Jewish blood” of the English and the Scots. Many LaRouchian publications repeat the age old bad Jew theories

[4] “Zionism is not Judaism” The Campaigner. Dec.1978