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LaRouche Involvement

"We have no involvement in the death of Jeremiah."This is the claim made by the LaRouche agents and published through the Executive Intelligence Review Offices in Erbenheim, Hessen Germany.

Consider and make up your own mind:

  1. Jeremiah  made phone calls to his girlfriend and his mother in the hours before his death. In them he clearly stated: He wanted to escape from the LaRouche people. He felt he was in a situation where he was being harmed. He shouted on the phone that his life was in danger and he needed to be rescued. He named "Nouvelle Solidarité" as the organization responsible for this harm. His mother was so alarmed she rang 999 the British police.
  2. Jeremiah was attending a LaRouche conference ( 21, 22, 23 March 2003  )in Germany. Lyndon LaRouche was there and still on probation for fraud and other crimes in the USA. He opened the Conference entitled: "How to Reconstruct a Bancrupt World." On the 24 and 25th March 2003  Jeremiah was attending the LaRouche youth cadre school held in Wiesbaden.
  3. The people of the  LaRouche group who were the ones last with Jeremiah have refused to speak to the family. They have been forbidden to do so by the LaRouche leadership.
  4. The same morning shortly after Jeremiah's death a meeting was held in the LaRouche Press offices ( the Executive Intelligence Review) Helga Zepp LaRouche spoke about how Jeremiah was a spy sent over from Britain to harm their organization.
  5. Witnesses testify that the recruiter Jean Gabriel Maheo was working on Jeremiah, trying to recruit him and no sooner was he found dead but this same man spoke about him as the enemy. Witnesses testify that Jean Gabriel Maheo had a violent temper and was known to be aggressive if contradicted. He was seen to be disturbed to the point of being violent on the morning of the death of Jeremiah.
  6. Jean Gabriel Maheo is said to have used brutal recruiting tactics to enlist new recruits. He has been described as coming with a history of mental health problems for which he received treatment in a mental hospital in France.
  7. Jean Gabriel Maheo spoke at the meeting in the EIR offices on the morning of Jeremiah's death. He said Jeremiah had been "brainwashed" by the Tavistock clinic. This has to be understood in terms of their lies and fabrications about the  Tavistock being a wing of the British Intelligence. Maheo is described as a fanatic with a belief in the LaRouche lies about the Tavistock Institute. He spoke about how Jeremiah was the enemy.
  8. Sebastien Drochon, the young man alleged to be last with Jeremiah has consistently lied about Jeremiah saying he was on drugs. The blood tests on the corpse prove that there were no drugs. All Jeremiah's friends will vouch that Jeremiah was opposed to drugs and never took them. Why is this young man also lying? Why did he lie to the police saying that Jeremiah's girlfriend told him Jeremiah had a history of suicide and mention about Jeremiah jumping into a river to commit suicide.(LIE)
  9. The LaRouche leaders forbade the youth to speak to anyone about Jeremiah and even forbid them to talk to each other about this death.
  10. The people last with Jeremiah were sent out of the country and were forbidden to speak to the parents of Jeremiah ever.
  11. Jeremiah's body was found within 8 minutes walk from the LaRouche offices of the Executive Intelligence Review.
  12. Ortrum Cramer, the Manager of the Schiller Institute was in possession of Jeremiah's passport which was not with the body. Later DNA tests showed it was stained with Jeremiah's blood.
  13. The German police were misled by Ortrum Cramer, the Manager of the LaRouche, Sebastien Drochon, the member of the LaRouche youth group, Elodie Viennot the Head of the LaRouche youth movement and  others in the the LaRouche leaders:

a) They said Jeremiah was a mental patient of the Tavistock clinic. (LIES)                                   

 b) They  said  Jeremiah had a history of suicide attempts  (LIES. His medical notes and the British Inquest produced the evidence that Jeremiah had no mental problems)    

c) They told the police the lie that they had rung Jeremiah's mother who told them that Jeremiah suffered from paranoia. (The truth is that Erica Duggan phoned them. (proof can be supplied) They never informed the police or the mother until many hours after Jeremiah's disappearance. It was only after they had received a phone call from Erica Duggan when she alerted them to the need to report Jeremiah missing that they reported Jeremiah missing. That is more than 6-7 hours.

  1. Witnesses who were at the conference with Jeremiah describe how Jeremiah was subjected to a sustained mental attack in  the  form  of  sleep deprivation, information overload, extreme pressure, verbal bullying, emotional manipulation and terror tactics.
  2. Jeremiah was subjected to a pernicious doctrine of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He was told to abandon his studies, negate his family and forsake everything he believed. He was told that the world faced a nuclear holocaust and there would be no life on earth after this. This is why pressure was exerted on him to join up.
  3. The LaRouche group  claim that because they have Jewish members they are not anti-Semitic. This is a method of deception. They like to win over Jews as its useful to maintain their cover.
  4. Jeremiah never knew at the time that he had mistakenly fallen into the hands of a dangerous totalitarian group with a cultlike  youth movement. He did not know that Germany allows convicted criminals to hold training schools for the youth where they are encouraged to abandon their studies and take up work for LaRouche.
  5. All that Jeremiah valued was under attach; his identity; his religion, his nationality being British, his studies, the values of his family, his music, his poetry, his literature.  Jeremiah was subjected to a process of psychological pressure. The mental torture is established by witness testimonies. The question remains was he also subjected to a physical violence e.g. Was he placed in a kidnap situation where his passport was withheld?
  6. Elodie Viennot said "It is better to be dead than not to give up everything to join the LaRouche youth movement." She encouraged the youth to be like Joan of Arc and give up their lives and be prepared to die. Witnesses will testify how this kind of pressure was placed upon the shoulders of new recruits.
  7. The leaders of the LaRouche group use peer pressure to whip up extreme anxiety about how the world is about to come to a most catastrophic end. This kind of pressure was combined with misinformation, lies and sinister conspiracy theories.
  8. All this took place in Germany. What was that like for a visitor who was both Jewish and British and had a sense of Germany's history? You don’t have to wear a swastika to promote ideas that reverberate with those of former Nazi leaders.
  9. A study of the speeches given by Lyndon LaRouche and his stooges show how the age old form of Anti-Semitism is transformed into something much more sinister and pernicious. It incites hatred against the British and the Jews. A dossier of research is available.

Lyndon LaRouche and his Media agents have spread lies and defamation about Jeremiah.

They have been fully involved in taking actions to obstruct the family obtaining a full investigation.

  1. The Executive Intelligence Review, the LaRouche Press Statements, the LaRouche briefings and newspapers print lies about Jeremiah. They state he was a mental case. They state his mother is part of a world conspiracy with Bush and Blair to harm Lyndon LaRouche. The LaRouche leadership have spread lies about Jeremiah being a mental patient, on drugs and his mother part of a conspiracy with world powers.  Click here for the briefing sent by LaRouche which leads to follow up articles either on the EIR bulletins or LaRouche publications or Press releases.
  2. Any  person  be it a lawyer or a journalist or a politician who tries to support the Duggans right to an investigation is subjected to the LaRouche well known methods of concocting smear campaigns. All sorts of lies are heaped upon these people with the ridiculous weaving of conspiracy theories. This has the effect of blinding their members to what is fantasy and not facts.
  3. Veiled threats of litigation or reprisals are suggested in letters to anyone printing or acting to reveal more about the need for an investigation into Jeremaih's death.
  4. Read the letter that the Schiller Institute wrote to Members of the British Parliament. Click here .  Read the response of Erica Duggan to this letter. Click here.