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Mar 2003 Reconstruct a Bankrupt World

Friesecke also welcomed former diplomats from South Korea, Poland, and Zimbabwe, at 2003 Bad Schwallbach conference in Wiesbaden

On February 16, 2002, Dr Simbi Mubako, the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to the United States, gave a speech to the US national conference of the Schiller Institute. “There has been a veritable media blitz on Zimbabwe by the Western powers in the last three years”, said Dr Mubako.


In fact, in his speech to the Schiller Institute, Zimbabwean Ambassador to the US Dr Simbi Mubako issued a strong anti-IMF/World Bank call, a call that embraced the formation of a new world economic order.


“In 1998”, he told the Schiller Institute, “the DRC was invaded by Uganda and Rwanda, with the tacit support of the United States of America and Britain. The declared aim was to overthrow the young government of President Laurent Kabila.


In his speech to the Schiller Institute, Zimbabwean Ambassador to the US Dr Simbi Mubako commented that “The injustice of the international political order rests on the injustice of the international economic order, represented by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.


Dr Mubako, in his speech to the Schiller Institute, related that “They [British imperialism] imposed informal sanctions on the country, including attempts to prevent oil deliveries reaching Zimbabwe. We had gasoline queues, and closures of some factories, leaving thousands of people unemployed.


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The following emergency declaration was passed on March 23, 2003 by the participants in the International Conference of the Schiller Institute in Bad Schwalbach, Germany, coming from 46 countries:

….  Zimbabwe…… conf-iclc/2002/pres_day/mubako.html

Schiller Institute—ICLC Conference

 "Continue the American Revolution"

President's Day Weekend

 February 16-17 2002

Dr. Simbi Mubako,  Zimbabwe Ambassador   to the USA

Zimbabwe Under Siege



     ... 9 Although Dr Mubako went on to praise (as a “progressive thinker”) the US populist LaRouche,

     “and those in   other countries, as in Russia, Italy, Malaysia ...