LaRouche in Zambia


"A current critical point for humanity has been the threat and invasion of Iraq by the George W. Bush and Tony Blair Administrations, Zambia's first president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda said in a presentation at Cornell University, Ithaca on May 5, 2003.

His major point was that the anti-Americanism that is sweeping the world has to be polemicized against because it is this Administration that is the problem, and that America has many weak points with respect to its claim to be a democracy.

The major Lusaka daily, {The Post}, in its editorial commended former President Kaunda for his remarks on U.S. soil, but then went further:

"The war of conquest unleashed against the people of Iraq ... recalls the fascist intervention in Spain in 1936, which constituted the prelude to World War II. In those dark days, fascism tested its weapons of mass destruction in places like Guernica and initiated an ongoing escalation that would culminate in the invasion of a Poland and a war that cost 50 million lives and the destruction and ruin of entire continents.

Today humanity is facing a much graver danger, because unlike that time, this return of fascism has no armed opposition or retaining wall whatsoever, and its war machine has a destructive power capable of decimating any country in the world in a matter of minutes....

The bells that have tolled for Iraq may tomorrow toll for the whole world. The expansionist plans that underlie this conquest were drawn up by the ultra-right wing in the United States. What lies before us is a plunder of the territories and wealth of other peoples even worse than what occurred in the era of colonialism, with the most sophisticated weapons of the 21st century in the hands of the greatest imperial power in all of history."

The editorial concludes: "To fight it with all our might is an ineludible duty."

Comment by Commentarian: The counter-coup to restore the United States of America back to the proud Republic it once was, and to recover its stature as a Constitutional cooperating nation-state, is being led by the LaRouche Democrats, the party of the people.

So, people, get active and support him and the ideas he has to restore America using the power of great projects to get America working. Remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt did it!