LaRouche in the USA





1. institutions, political parties, publishing empire, News Agencies and so on.






Franklin Press (The) Tsunami Relief Fund







The Franklin Press Tsunami Relief Fund


The Franklin Press, P.O. Box 350, Franklin, N.C., 28744, or to Nantahala Bank, 106 Siler Road, Franklin, N.C. 28734.


Checks should be made to The Franklin Press Tsunami Relief Fund.


Caucus Distributors Inc



... 1991). 5. In re Inslaw, Inc., 885 F.2d 880 (DC.Cir. 1989). (e) LaRouche: In re Caucus
Distributors, Inc., 106 BR 890. 7. Other interesting cases. ...


This apparently was the company which current LaRouche Youth Movement head

Phil Rubinstein headed in NJ. It issued promissary notes in NJ, NY, Ma, Ct and close

by US Eastern states and Canada.
After the USA Federal Government raid on LaRouche, CDI was replaced by

Hamilton Systems Distributors.



Bolerium  ??????     ???????


Have not SHOWN the connection, but virtually every search of LaRouche – xxxx  brings this organisation up



American Almanac -

Excerpts from 'The New Federalist' newspaper dealing with American national historical research from the perspective

of followers of Lyndon LaRouche.

Articles from "The New Federalist" newspaper deal with US historical research from the perspective of followers of Lyndon LaRouche.



The Club of Life


The Club of Life (formed by LaRouche & Helga in 1982)


American Agricultural Movement fascism/larouche/larouche.009


The NCLC also developed ties with persons on the fringes of the

   Liberty Lobby. Mitchell WerBell III, a friend of Carto, because

   LaRouche's security adviser. Colonel Tom McCrary, a Georgia rightist

   often praised in 'The Spotlight,' accompanied Gus Kalimtgis on a

   national speaking tour. Edward von Rothkirch, a Lobby contact who ran

   a small press service in Washington and had once threatened to sue

   the LaRouchians for appropriating his firm's name, now became

   friendly. Several leaders of the American Agricultural Movement, a

   group championed by 'The Spotlight,' began to work with the

   LaRouchians on farm issues. By the time LaRouche launched his 1980

   presidential campaign, he felt free to call himself the candidate of

   'The Spotlight's' readership, which he hailed as the quarter million

   strong "'Gideon's Army' of American nationalism."



American System Publications Inc.


American System Publications Inc.
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American System Publications Inc.
1924 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94612
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Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”



This week, the Austin chapter of the LaRouche organization will be discussing the current peace efforts in

Southeast Europe, Balkans reconstruction, and other current social, economic, and political events.

Mon, Jul 5, 7:30-9:30pm, Denny's, 7820 Burnet. 800/580-6901.

Phone: 512.454.5766

Fax: 512.458.6910


 Mailing Address

The Austin Chronicle

 PO Box 49066

 Austin TX 78765

Ben Franklin Booksellers


P.O. Box 1707, Leesburg VA 20177 (703) 777-3661 (800) 453-4108 Fax (703) 777-8287


Committee for a New Bretton Woods 120499webcasttranscript1.html


Council for Inter-American Security


The Public Eye : Website of Political Research Associates
... network of New Right groups around the Council for Inter-American Security, Young
American's ... run by two cult leaders, the neo-fascist Lyndon LaRouche, and the ...


Council for National Policy

Populated by LaRouche supporters



D. C.  Heath

LaRouche owned publisher of  Dialectical Economics,


D. C. Heath and Company has been acquired by Houghton Mifflin  Customer Service

at 866-226-5534  BOSTON


Joseph P. Fargnoli

Vice President, Treasurer

Houghton Mifflin Company


Students at Franklin Elementary School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, are making positive

 literacy gains using Earobics Literacy Launch by Cognitive Concepts, Inc.



Distributeur Caucus Inc


Distributeur Caucus Inc
300 Bd Decarie
Saint Laurent, QC H4N 2M2
(514) 855-1699


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”





Published King’s book – bought out by LaRouche MARK%20EVANS/WhoisthisLaRouche.html

People might begin wondering who owns Doubleday (the publisher of Dennis King's book), or why Dennis King,

in the preface to his book on LaRouche, thanks a member of William F. Buckley's Conservative Party of New York

for explaining to him the arcane and near incomprehensible mysteries of the LaRouchian Cosmology.

William F. Buckley, veteran CIA operative, is, after all, a longtime comrade of David Rockefeller, as well as a member

of the Bohemian Grove.

Fermat's Enigma, Simon Singh, Anchor Doubleday, paperback, $12.95


(??? LaRouche bought themout) newsRoom/newsRoom_theme_2/NR_PR_051702.jhtml

Bertelsmann of Gütersloh, Germany, which purchased Doubleday & Co. in 1986


Berryville Graphics was established in 1986 when its parent company, Bertelsmann AG of Gütersloh, Germany,

purchased Doubleday & Company, Inc. and its printing facility in Berryville, Virginia. Today, Berryville employs

approximately 800 people.



After Bertelsmann purchased Doubleday the German conglomerate pruned the US book publisher’s trade list by a third. ...

Bertelsmann Publishing, which also owns Bantam Publishing, is well known. This publishing house, c. 1920s-1930s,

was the largest publisher of Nazi material in Europe and in Germany, specifically. Nowadays, Bertelsmann puts

quite some money into projects agains racism and
anti-Semitism. The report produced by in independent group of historians was
financed by the Bertelsmann groups. The company is definitely not





Eastern States Distributors Incorporated


Eastern States Distributors Incorporated
5105 Clairton Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15236-2708
(412) 884-3590


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”



Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)




EIR Online


EIR International




In 1974, he organized a weekly news magazine, known as Executive Intelligence Review,

In November 1978, LaRouche designed a computer-assisted forecasting system, the EIR Quarterly

Economic Forecasts for the U.S. Economy, which, during the interval 1980-1983, were the most

accurate forecasts on the U.S. economy publicly available from any agency. As detailed in a widely

circulated report, during the interval 1957-1994, he has made nine forecasts of major turns in the

U.S. economy, of which eight have been fulfilled on schedule, and the ninth is in the process of being

confirmed by events.


Executive Intelligence Review Incorporated
25513 Fioe Mile
Redford, MI 48239
(313) 592-3945



Schiller Institute and FIDELIO Magazine Home Page

Schiller Institute publishes FIDELIO Magazine and is active worldwide for the Eurasian ...

and your Email address above, if you would like to receive ... -

Schiller Institute Presidents' Day Conference,

February 19-21, 2005

 Washington, DC and Southern California

Quarterly Journal of Poetry,

 Science and Statecraft

 Published by the Schiller Institute

2002 to 2006

 1997 to 2001

 1992 to 1996


The Schiller Institute
PO BOX 20244
Washington, DC 20041-0244


Franklin Press

1246 Liberty Street


PA 16323 –

Phone: 814-437-7617








Ben Franklin Booksellers





LaRouche publications


Science magazine

A highly informative book called "Deckname Schiller" (Helmut Lorscheid und Leo A. Mller) on page 122
Gives information on the magazine called Fusion.


LaRouche was a co-founder (1974) of an influential scientific association,

the Fusion Energy Foundation,


Fusion Energy Foundation

Helmut Lorscheid und Leo A. Müller: Deckname Schiller Seite 122

And “sister organisations in at least 8 countries


Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaaum, scientific advisor to the Schiller Institute, and Executive Director

                  of the Fusion Energy Foundation in Europe:



Hamilton System



Hamilton System
317 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003-1272
(202) 543-8002


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”




Hamilton System Distributors Incorporated


Hamilton System Distributors Incorporated
325 S River St
Hackensack, NJ 07601-6671
(201) 441-4888


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”


Ibykus publication

Ibykus sechs Jahrgänge 1997-2002: € 25,-

Ibykus Jahrgang 2002 (vier Ausgaben): € 10,

Bestellungen über die Dr. Böttiger Verlags-GmbH, Bahnstr. 9A, 65205 Wiesbaden

Tel.: 0611/7786100, Fax: 0611/7786118, Bestellformular oder eMail:


International Caucus of Labor Committees






remarks were transmitted by video tape to the Schiller 
Institute/ICLC conference held on March 20, 1993.
Helga Zepp-LaRouche

March 19, 1993

The International Caucus of Labor Committees claimed to have affiliates in

France, Italy, Sweden, Canada and several South American countries.




The Role of the LaRouche Movement in World History

by Warren J. Hamerman

{Warren Hamerman delivered this speech to the Labor Day weekend conference of the

International Caucus of Labor Committees, in Arlington, Virginia.

The conference title was "The 1990s: The Decade of LaRouche and Leibniz."

Mr. Hamerman is a member of the ICLC National Executive Committee.} cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=17046



communicating greetings from notables throughout the world.

Here is the keynote address of Lyndon LaRouche, to the annual Presidents' Day conference of the

International Caucus of Labor Committees and Schiller Institute, Feb. 14, 2004.

He was introduced by Schiller Institute Vice Chairwoman Amelia Boynton Robinson


Investigative Leads


Investigative Leads 

(From Research Report on “Religions of the Youth” by German Ministry for Work, Health and Social Affairs

   in Nordrhein-Westphalia)

International Press Service

International Press Service

(From Research Report on “Religions of the Youth” by German Ministry for Work, Health and Social Affairs

   in Nordrhein-Westphalia)

International Action Center



FrontPage :: Big Brother for Peace by Ryan O’Donnell
... Ramsey Clark’s pet project known as the International Action Center (IAC),
... In 1989, Clark represented Lyndon Larouche, who by the late 1970’s ... Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=6613



LaRouche “local support”








Baltimore, MD 410-247-4200

Boston, MA 781-380-4000

Buffalo, NY 716-873-0651

Chicago, IL 312-335-6100

Detroit, MI 313-592-3945

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Houston, TX 713-541-2907

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Lincoln, NE 402-946-3981

Los Angeles, CA 323-259-1860

Minneapolis, MN 763-591-9329

Montreal, Canada 514-855-1699

Mt. Vernon, SD 605-996-7022

Norfolk, VA 757-587-3885

Northern Virginia 703-779-2150

Oakland, CA 510-839-1649

Philadelphia, PA 610-734-7080

Phoenix, AZ 602-992-3276

Pittsburgh, PA 412-884-3590

Hackensack, NJ 201-441-4888

 Seattle, WA 425-488-1045

Washington, D.C. 202-543-8002

LaRouche Exploratory Committee



LaRouche Political Action Committee




Paid for by the Lyndon LaRouche PAC

 and Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.

P.O. Box 6157

 Leesburg, VA, 20178



portland imc - 2004.08.10 - LaRouche Forms PAC To Defeat Bush ...
... LaRouche Forms PAC To Defeat Bush, Elect Kerry. author: EIR. ... The Victory Margin We
Will Add In November's Election 8-11-4 LaRouche press conference transcript... ...



LaRouche Youth Movement




Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement









Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”

With thanks to

Baltimore, MD


Southeast Literature
3916 Vero Rd
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Boston, MA

Braintree, MA



Buffalo, NY


Basar, John
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Chicago, IL



Detroit, MI


Executive Intelligence Review Incorporated
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The New Federalist
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Northern Virginia




Oakland, CA


American System Publications Inc.
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Eastern States Distributors Incorporated
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Hackensack, NJ


Hamilton System Distributors Incorporated
325 S River St
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Seattle, WA



Washington, D.C.


Hamilton System
317 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003-1272
(202) 543-8002

Montreal, Canada


Distributeur Caucus Inc
300 Bd Decarie
Saint Laurent, QC H4N 2M2
(514) 855-1699







Monge Brigade

The LaRouche youth claim that they are fighting for an "intellectual Renaissance," and in addition to

 conventional political activity such as distributing literature in the streets, they spend time in what are

called "Monge brigades," described as leaderless discussion groups where the members work to

master important discoveries in classical science and art. Among the topics frequently pursued are

the ideas of Plato, Friedrich Schiller, and Carl Friedrich Gauss. There are also performance workshops

on the dramas of William Shakespeare and choral compositions of J.S. Bach and other classical

composers, as well as African-American Spirituals.

Letter on LaRouche Youth Movement at UCSD


National Caucus of Labor Committees






The Public Eye : Website of Political Research Associates
... In 1973, the predominantly White LaRouche group, the National Caucus of Labor
Committees (NCLC), attempted to take over the Black-led National Welfare ...


National Democratic Policy Committee




Two of their main front groups have been the National Democratic Policy Committee

and the U.S. Labor Party, a group that promotes LaRouche's fascistic brand of socialism.

National Economic Reconstruction

LaRouche political party

Woman Vice Presidential Candidates 1880-2000
... 1988 Debra Freeman, United States of America
Running mate of Lyndon H. LaRouche, National Economic Reconstruction 
. ...



New Alliance Party (NAP)

today of the Fred Newman political cult


According to reporter Doug Ireland, the organizers of ChIP are former Lyndon LaRouche associate Fred Newman,

and Dr. Lenora Fulani, former presidential candidate of the New Alliance Party. The New Alliance party has

claimed to advocate peace, social justice, multi-racial harmony, and an end to discrimination against gay men and lesbians.


Political Research Associates (PRA) have traced NAP's intellectual history to Lyndon LaRouche, who, as a leftist

 in the late 60s and 70s, developed an analysis of history and economics that emphasized the role of powerful families

and "elite policy groups." PRA characterizes LaRouche's analysis as simplistic, because rather than viewing these

factors in context, it "sees a handful of malicious elites manipulating an idealized society against the will of the people." is an informational website on the International Workers Party (IWP) and its various front groups

 (aka the Tendency, the Organization, All Stars Project, Inc., Castillo Cultural Center, East Side Center, Institute

 for Short-Term Social Therapy, Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP), Performance of a Lifetime,

Otto Rene Cultural Awards, Performing the World, New Alliance Party (NAP), Rainbow Lobby, Ross & Green,

Centers for Change, "If ... Then," among others).  The IWP is a secretive Marxist political organization founded

and led by a controversial, NYC-based philospher, Fred Newman. Journalists and former members often describe

Newman's tendency as a destructive political/therapy cult.


New Solidarity International Press .


In 1971, he organized the founding of an international news bureau, originally known as

New Solidarity International Press Service.


North American Labour Party

Defunct organizations:

Lyndon LaRouche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... In the 1970s also, according to his biographer Dennis King, LaRouche developed
connections with the Ku Klux Klan and the Liberty Lobby, a leading extreme right ...



LaRouche's PMR Printing Company,


Apparently a Virginia based firms owned by Ken Kronberg. His wife, Molly,

 is an editor of many Larouche publications.

According to Brian Chitwood, a reporter for the Loudon County

Times-Mirror, a number of LaRouche offices around the country have been closed

and the personnel relocated to headquarters in Leesburg. PMR Printing, the

LaRouche printing company, continues to operate. The corporation which

publishes Executive Intelligence Review is producing a weekly paper, the New

Federalist, to replace the now-defunct bi-weekly New Solidarity.  Some

observes believe that the LaRouche fundraising apparatus, the original target

of the fraud indictments, is once again operating at 1986 levels.  Lyndon

LaRouche has already declared his 1988 presidential candidacy.



Schiller Institute


Formed 1984

The Schiller Institute

 PO BOX 20244

 Washington, DC 20041-0244

 703-771-8390 or 888-347-3258


William Wertz from the Schiller Institute in the United States at Bad SchwallbachMar

2003 conference






Science Magazine



Twenty First Century Science and Technology



( – LaRouche-affiliated Science organization


Marsha Freeman,    associate editor, 21st Century Science & Technology

SDS Labor Committee


Lyndon LaRouche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... LaRouche organized his faction as the "SDS Labor Committee". ... Dennis King,
Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, (New York: Doubleday, 1989), ...


Socialist Workers Party wikipedia/r/ra/ramsey_clark.html

Clark is affiliated with VoteToImpeach, an organization advocating the impeachment of

President George W. Bush. He has been an opponent of both Gulf Wars and, briefly, a

supporter of Lyndon LaRouche. He is the founder of the International Action Center

(an offshoot of the Socialist Workers Party).


Southeast Literature


Southeast Literature
3916 Vero Rd
Halethorpe, MD 21227-1515
(410) 247-4200


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”


Southwest Literature Distribution


Southwest Literature Distribution
9100 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77074-1519
(713) 541-2907


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”


The Campaigner

Published by The Campaigner Publications Inc.  304 West 58th Street, New York  NY 10019

and is the English language magazine of the National Caucus of LaborCommittee

Editorial Board (1978) Nancy Spannaus, CarolWhite, Christopher White. Managing Editor: Tessa DeCarlo


The Franklin Press Inc 

Current Address 

Miami, FL 33101 

Phone Number  



Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne



The New Federalist



The New Federalist is the newspaper of the American System, published by collaborators of Lyndon LaRouche.



Nancy Spannaus, Editor-in Chief, New Federalist


The New Federalist
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 777-9451



Trilateral Commission


The North American Group

North American Chairman: Thomas S. Foley

 North American Deputy Chairmen: Allan E. Gotlieb, Lorenzo Zambrano

 North American Director: Michael J. O’Neil


secretariat address: is 1156 Fifteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

 telephone: 202-467-5410

 telefax: 202-467-5415




The Trilateral Commission, what are these guys up to?

... President of the Republic of Estonia; 3) the European Union in progress, ... Co-conspirators, according to LaRouche, include the British monarchy, ...


Beware the Trilateral Commission! The Influential World Panel Conspiracy Theorists Love to Hate


The Washington Post, April 25, 1992 David Mills, Washington Post Staff Writer Behind closed doors

(of course), they are meeting this weekend in Lisbon. Some call them "the shadow government,"

"the Establishment," the "global elite" that runs the world. They call themselves simply ...

the Trilateral Commission. (Chills run up spine.) Depending on which conspiracy theory you subscribe

to-and the Trilateral Commission has found its way into many-this 19-year-old organization is anti-American,

anti-democratic, anti-Christian or anti-worker, and is scheming ultimately to abolish the sovereignty of

nations and establish one world government! According to Lyndon LaRouche, fringe political candidate

and convicted tax cheat, the Trilateral Commission is behind the international drug trade. A writer affiliated

with the far-right Liberty Lobby says the commission is forever plotting to raise taxes on Americans,

siphoning the money overseas.


U.S. Labor Party


Defunct organizations:


Wisdom and Freedom produced by WORLD NEWSSTAND



Apparently a Virginia based firms owned by Ken Kronberg. His wife, Molly, is an editor

of many Larouche publications.


Pickering top recipient of WorldCom political funds
... WORLDCOM -[Contribution] NEW YORK SENATE 2000 YUE, ALAN 11/15/99 $250.00 LEESBURG,



www.21st century science tech


  1. 21st Century

 P.O. Box 16285

 Washington, D.C. 20041

 (703) 777-6943

 Fax: (703) 771-9214










  Washington Post Magazine: LaRouche is NO JOKE





Washington Post, January 15, 1985 :
Some Officials Find LaRouche Intelligence Network 'Useful'


LaRouche has had some contacts with low-level officials of the Reagan Administration. Between 1981 and 1985 LaRouche met with Norman Bailey, then a member of the National Security Council (NSC), and with some other NSC and Central Intelligence Agency officials. This followed a concerted campaign by LaRouche to develop close relations with the Reagan Administration. Bailey later said that LaRouche was able to provide him with useful information, gathered by LaRouche's network of affiliates in many countries, but other intelligence officials deny the Administration gained any useful intelligence from LaRouche. The contacts between LaRouche and the administration ended after protests from former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and other prominent Republicans.



Uncommon Ground:
The Black African Holocaust Council
and Other Links Between
Black and White Extremists

LaRouche Testifies at Hearings On Gross Misconduct of U.S. Department of Justice

The independent hearings, which were facilitated by the Schiller Institute,

The hearings, conducted in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and chaired by noted civil rights attorney J.L. Chestnut of Selma, Alabama


former South Carolina Congressman James Mann


Amelia Boynton Robinson, of the Schiller Institute

Congressman James Mann of South Carolina (who, while in Congress, served as a prominent member of the House Judiciary Committee); Sen. Robert Ford and Sen. Maggie Wallace Glover of the South Carolina State Senate; Rep. William Clark and Rep. John Hilliard of the Alabama House of Representatives; Rep. Toby Fitch and Rep. Howard Hunter of the North Carolina House of Representatives; Rep. Ulysses Jones, Jr. of the Tennessee House of Representatives; Rep. Percy Watson of the Mississippi House of Representatives; attorney J.L. Chestnut,




Two reasons we can't afford not to take Lyndon LaRouche and his followers seriously

1) Mark Fairchild won the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois
2) Janice Hart won the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State of Illinois

Why Did Rep. Harold James Endorse Lyndon LaRouche?


Mr. Larouche, I urge this Committee and the entire United States Senate to reject
the nomination of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General of the United States.

Gonzales Must Be Questioned About Rumsfeld Death Squads
Published in Germans in Dialogue with LaRouche - Indexed on Jan 26, 2005    Similar pages
New revelations coming out about the "death squads" being created by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld make it imperative that the Senate Judiciary Committee recall Alberto Gonzales for questioning concerning his role in providing the legal justification for these hit-teams.

DNC: Voting Rights Act is Unconstitutional

 In August, 1999, attorneys for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) made an extraordinary request: they asked a federal district court panel to declare the 1964 Voting Rights Act unconstitutional. The legal maneuvering took place during a hearing on a DNC motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Democratic presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche and Democratic voters from Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona. The 1996 suit alleges that then DNC Chairman Donald Fowler violated the Voting Rights Act when he ordered state Democratic parties to disregard the votes of thousands of Democrats who voted for LaRouche in the 1996 presidential primaries. In a letter dated January 5, 1996, Fowler also warned that any state delegation that included delegates pledged to LaRouche would be denied access to the Democratic National Convention. The warning was reminiscent of the 1964 Democratic National Convention, where party leaders refused to allow the pro-civil rights Mississippi Freedom Democrats a seat at the Convention. Ironically, Fowler's letter justified his unconstitutional actions by making the baseless charge that LaRouche was a "racist." Debra Hanania-Freeman, LaRouche's national spokeswoman, thinks it significant that the DNC selected attorney John C. Keeney, Jr. to argue its case. She charges that Keeney's father, Jack Kenney, "played a key role in the Department of Justice's unlawful targeting of Lyndon LaRouche, and is also widely acknowledged to be one of the key enforcers of the Department's 'Operation Fruehmenschen' - the overtly racist plan to target African-American public officials for investigation and prosecution." She went on to charge, "This is the gang that Al Gore has chosen to run his bid for the Presidency and to deliver the Party's nomination to him by locking everyone else out." (New Federalist, August 30, 1999)

Debra Hanania Freeman spoke in Lyndon LaRouche's stead  1988 Running mate of Lyndon H. LaRouche, National Economic Reconstruction

12 Helms Pick Court, Catonsville, MD 21228, Baltimore County


Anne M. Furlough 


Hazel M. Judd

4834 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215, Baltimore City 2004_12_01_antiprotester_archive.html

Ramsey Clark,  a traitor to his country and the war criminal's best friend has joined the Saddam Hussein legal defense team.

Clark has represented in 1989, fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who faced charges of conspiracy and mail fraud. wikipedia/r/ra/ramsey_clark.html

Clark is affiliated with VoteToImpeach, an organization advocating the impeachment of President George W. Bush. He has been an opponent of both Gulf Wars and, briefly, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche. He is the founder of the International Action Center (an offshoot of the Socialist Workers Party).

1986 when two candidates backing the philosophy of political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. won statewide offices in the primary and forced Democratic candidate Adlai E. Stevenson III to denounce them and form his own party.

"Cult" related charities in NYC being probed, Mayor and Governor involved

The NY Post ran a series of investigative pieces by Jeanne MacIntosh exposing the activities of a purported "cult" leader named Fred Newman and his acolyte Leonora Fulani, through various organizations they appear to largely control. This list of non-profit tax-exempt charities includes the Castillo Theater, the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, and the heavily funded "All Stars," a program supposedly designed to help kids. All Stars is supported by a virtual "Who's Who" of corporate NY.

Newman, a self-described "neo-Marxist" and "revolutionary," was once associated with perennial presidential aspirant Lyndon LaRouche. In 1992 youth/2004/040602chicagolym.htm

Don't Let Ishmael Subvert The American Youth

by Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, LaRouche Youth Movement, Chicago



LaRouche Connection Master List 1995-present


LaRouche Dominates California Democratic Convention

Alameda County, CA      March 2, 2004 Election

Member, Democratic Party County Central Committee; County of Alameda; Assembly District 16 Voter Information

Jason Ross 9,139 votes 5.3%

·                     Party: Democratic

·                     Occupation: Youth Leadership Mentor


In the Bay area one squad deployed at San Francisco State sent John Stuart, to go and intervene on an economics professor who called Jason Ross and Oyang brown shirts when pressed on the question of GDP. John Stuart intervened on the cult, by saying, "this rise in GDP has nothing to do with any thing in physical reality. There is no rise in GDP."

The squad was then immediately kicked off of the campus, but not

before getting the campus police to sign up with the movement.

Brian McAndrews: "History
and Deployments of the LaRouche Youth Movement"

Senator Bob Graham received rousing cheers for his answer to a question over whether President Bush deceived the American people (his answer, surprise surprise, was yes).
       Those cheers were interrupted by the first of many protesters to disturb the

       The rowdy young man, Brian McAndrews, was dragged out of the auditorium. When asked what it was he had been yelling, McAndrews said, “Go after Cheney, only Lyndon Larouche has the guts to go after Cheney. Bush is an idiot, he’s playing jigsaw puzzles.”

o                                            The Diallo Affair and the New Violence in the United States, by Dennis Speed. Published in The Executive Intelligence Review, March 10, 2000.

o                                            Commission To Be Formed Against the "New Violence", by Dennis Speed.

o                                            Leave This Site for: Star Wars and Littleton, by Lyndon LaRouche. Printed in The Executive Intelligence Review, July 2, 1999.

o                                            What Is The "New Violence", by Lyndon LaRouche.

Defend the General Welfare! Save DC General Hospital


Lyndon LaRouche Press Availability in New Jersey
... DENNIS SPEED: All right, so, 1 am—1 pm... I'm Dennis Speed.

coordinating the LaRouche campaign in New Jersey. We have the man here with us. ... interviews/2004/040522teaneck_nj.htm



The American Tradition vs. Empire, Pt. 2
            Host Michele Steinberg interviews:
                Lyndon LaRouche, candidate for Democratic nomination for President in 2004
                Laurie Dobson, Democratic candidate for 141st Legislative District form Connecticut
                Nancy Spannaus, candidate for U.S. Senate from Virginia
                Kerry Lowry, Democratic candidate for State Representative from Eastern Michigan
            The LaRouche Show
            Oct. 19 2002

Dr. Alim Muhammad Endorses Lyndon LaRouche for President

webcast in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 10, 2004




Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, Nat'l. Spokesman for Hon. Louis Farrakhan

Exonerate LaRouche



  "LaRouche's Policy for Worldwide Recovery"
            Excerpts from Coalition to Save DC General Hospital meeting on March 14

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, Nation of Islam, and meeting chairman




"Conyers Hearing On D.C. General Hospital"
            Excerpts from Hearing, sponsored by Rep. John Conyers
                Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)
                Lynne Fagnani, vice-president, National Association of Public Hospitals & Health Systems
                Dr. Debra Hanania-Freeman, Doctor of Public Health, national spokeswoman for the 2004
                    Presidential campaign of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
                State Rep. Harold James (D-PA), former chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black
                    Caucus, and former President of the National Black Policy Association
                Charlene Gordon, RN -- registered nurse, 18-year employee at D.C. General Hospital
                State Rep. Erik R. Fleming (D-MS)
                Dr. Michal Ann Young, Medial and Dental Staff, D.C. Health & Hospitals Public Benefit Corp.
                    and director of neo-natology at D.C. General Hospital
                Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, founder and director, Abundant Life Clinic, and Health Minister
                    of the Nation of Islam
            Rayburn House Office Building. Washington, DC           March 22 2002

"Fight Escalates to Save D.C. General Hospital"
            Excerpts from Meeting of the Coalition to Save D.C. General Hospital
                Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, national spokesman for the Nation of Islam
                Joycelyn Elders, former Clinton Administration Surgeon General
                Kevin Chavous, D.C. City Councilman
                Phil Mendelson, D.C. City Councilman (does not appear on the edited version of the program)
                Dennis Speed, northeast coordinator for the Schiller Institute
                Rev. James Bevel, director of Direct Action for Martin Luther King, Jr.
                Dr. Simon Wilcox, past president of the Medial Staff of Aliquippa Community Hospital
                    of Beaver County, Pennsylvania
                Rev. Richard Boone, creator of the 1963 Birmingham Childrens' March
                Dr. Michal Ann Young, president of the Medical/Dental Staff, D.C. General Hospital
                Lynne Speed, spokeswoman for the Schiller Institute, and the Coalition
            Washington, DC            April 8 2002




June 29 EIR interview        July 14 1999

Richard Grasso,                Chairman, New York Stock Exchange: On his meeting with FARC leadership  in Colombia (video excerpt form June 29 press conference)




"LaRouche Dialogue with Legislators & Union Leaders"
           Dr. Debra Freeman, National Spokesman for Lyndon LaRouche
           Theo Mitchell, former State Legislator from South Carolina
           Lyndon LaRouche
           State Sen. Joseph Neal, Chairman of Legislative Black Caucus
           State Rep. Thomas Jackson, Chm, Agriculture Committee
           State Rep. Harold James, Pennsylvania, Special Assty. to the Presidnet of the National
            Black Caucus of State Legislators
           Bill McCann, former New Hampshire State legisllator, and State Executive
             of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
           Melvin Muhammad, President of the Nebraska Assoc. of Public Employees (AFSCME)
           State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, New York, Vice-President of the National Hispanic
             Caucus of State Legislators
           State Rep. Joe Towns, Tennessee
           State Rep. Ed Vaughn, Chairman of the Michigan Black Caucus
           Committee for a New Bretton Woods Dialogue. Washington, DC
           Sept. 3 1999




"EIR Video Magazine: Oct. 11, 2000"
Lawrence Hecht, Editor, 21st Century Science & Technology magazine: interview with
                 Col. Roy D. Vinson, inventor of the "magnetrain," a magnetically-levited train.
Lawrence Hecht: interview with Klaus Kronenberg, physicist and expert on magnetism.
              Lawrence Hecht: intervidw with Steve Bayrd, aerospace engineer involved in magnetrain. -

Anyone willing to go through a training course can get a show--just head over to the PCA offices on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Current topics range from fishing to parenting, Portland police practices to pot-smoking, Eritrea to Ethiopia. Various religious groups host shows, as do followers of Louis Farrakhan and Lyndon LaRouche.


DPB #51

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2000, 1:30 P.M.

Today at the OAS there was also a complaint issued about the situation in Arkansas where a legitimate political candidate, Lyndon Larouche, won 22 percent of the votes and that the delegates which he would be entitled to were given to Al Gore, an obvious violation of free and fair elections

LaRouche Matching Funds

Quadrennial presidential candidate and political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche has filed for federal matching funds with the Federal Election Commission, in September, according to the September 25 edition of his organization's newspaper, EIR News for Loudoun County, Virginia)



Things started to smell really fishy in 1989, when Clark represented ultra-right cult-master Lyndon LaRouche and six cohorts on conspiracy and mail fraud charges. The LaRouchies had been bilking their naive followers of their savings by getting them to cough up their credit card numbers. Clark (who had been silent when the real COINTELPRO was conducted under his watch at the Justice Department) now charged that the LaRouche case was an "outgrowth" of COINTELPRO. He said the case was manufactured by LaRouche's "powerful enemies within the establishment" who targeted the cult because of its crusade "to combat the traffic in so-called 'recreational drugs'...and the practice of usury."

Clark was echoing the standard line of the LaRouche organization, which paradoxically pleads government persecution while boasting of its connections to the intelligence establishment (uniquely merging paranoia with delusions of grandeur). In fact, the cult has exchanged information with the FBI, and farmed out its "intelligence" services to Panama's Gen. Manuel Noriega. LaRouche's 1970s campaigns for a "War on Drugs" and space-based missile defense eerily predicted Reagan-era programs.

Clark couldn't keep his client from a conviction and brief prison term. But Clark's relationship with LaRouche went beyond legal representation to actual advocacy. Researcher Chip Berlet, a watchdog on radical right groups, told Judis that Clark's brief was a "political polemic."

In June 1990, a LaRouche front organization, the Schiller Institute, flew Clark to a cult-organized conference in Copenhagen. His speech there claimed the US government had moved against LaRouche because he was "a danger to the system," and decried that he was a victim of "vilification." The speech was printed in full by the LaRouchie New Federalist propaganda rag.

Clark also represented PLO leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by renegade Palestinian terrorists in 1986.