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Suicide of a Veteran LaRouchite in Leesburg, Virginia

We extend sincerest condolences to the  family and friends of  Ken Kronberg.  We learn that Ken devoted his life to doing what he thought would benefit mankind and it ended with him committing suicide by jumping to his death in such a manner. We are pleased to learn that the USA police plan to investigate the full circumstances including the events prior to this death. This supports our view that all human life is precious and that serious questions need to be answered about the LaRouche cult.

A number of articles on the subject have come to our attention in this connection :

Leap From Overpass Into Traffic Kills Man
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post - 12th April 2007

Rt. 28 Suicide Jumper Was Long-Time Associate of LaRouche
By Nicholas F. Benton
Falls Church News Press - 19 April 2007

Suicide linked to Duggan death cult
By Rachel Fletcher
Jewish Chronicle, London - 4 May 2007

Stopping LaRouche Before More Lives Are Destroyed
Statement by Dennis King on the Kronberg tragedy
4 May 2007

A website has been started in memory of Ken Kronberg:


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