Dear Erica,


My thinking is that LaRouche will do what he did in the 80's. At that time. LHL was too considered a joke, until the financial fraud cases started. At that point the steam roller started with King in the middle of everything. Once an official grand jury investigation began, things got serious.  What will also happen is that history will repeat it self. The group will attack you and your friends and advisors with articles beyond your wildest dreams. They will also completely cover up this affair with the members by providing an absurd, but plausible story that fits LHL's dementia.  They will print that this "operation" is being run by the Queen, Dick Cheney and the secret leaders of the world to thwart LHL's growing influence and ability to alter the course of history. The members will be whipped up into frenzy over this. You will get emails and calls from LHL security people using phoney names to find out what your plans are and to try to contact people you are working with. Thatís how I know they worked in the past. It follows the pattern


When I was in the group the following happened during the investigations. The leadership proclaimed its innocence. It then began to harass any body who investigated them. It then attacked every body as an agent of the enemies of LHL.  The Feds and King got a few insiders to come forward and talk. These were members who did not want to go to prison for twenty years for LHL. Once the first members came forward, then the Feds were able to crack more people to cooperate. King benefited by getting inside info for his research which netted him a book and some grants.


The group is not as powerful as you think.  In their own bizarre world, they rule. But we are in the real world. Let me tell you about Leesburg Virginia, their home.  I was told by former members that there was a big push for the children of current members to work for the LHL cause. If the parents refused to let their kids work in the cult, and instead, go to college or work, they parents were made pariahs. This stuff was very intense and resulted in several members leaving or dramatically scaling back their involvement.