Many ex-members are helping us understand more about how the LaRouche
organization manages to fool its members and keep them dependent. Here is
another letter from RY JUSTICE:


                                                 -* -




Dear Erica,


There was a member who was shot outside of a place called L D
in NYC. This man went from being a brilliant scholar to a homeless man as
the cult discarded him like trash.;

I knew of numerous cases where members lives were placed in danger
because they placed them in horrible financial straights. This was considered
part of the price to pay for saving the human race. In the 80's the group had
no problems in having members get heavily into debt, and then laugh when it
came time to pay the bills. Members who left were often saddled with tens
of thousands of dollars of credit card debts. The lesson to be learned is that
the members are considered mere fodder and when they suffer and are horribly
abused, it does not matter to LaRouche. In fact, if a member was to leave, his
debts left with him, which was considered good for the Organization.

There was also a group which cynically was called  Right to Life groups
to solicit support for LaRouche, yet would over and over pressure the
female members to get abortions. Since we were busy saving the human
species, we had no time for kids. Female members were often told that
they had psychological problems and were weak for wanting children.

In the late 80's, we were told that there were no funds for letting people
eat properly, but you would later hear the endless stories of massive liquor
purchases for the LaRouche household.  More money would be spent flying
Helga's pets and purchasing clothes for her, then was spent on repaying notes
to our lenders.

A cult that laughs about former supporters lending us money, ignores
the serious damage done to its members over the years, and operates in an
imaginary world of anti -LaRouche demons is one that can coldly abuses any
one and has no remorse.

These people have absolutely no regards for the destitution and abuse
it has caused.


When I first began to read the literature of the LaRouche org in the mid 1970's,
I began to notice that the group seemed to have a certain way of writing.
The group always has to have an enemy of humanity, who must of course,
always be a personal enemy of LaRouche. The articles and writings that
attracted me were about nuclear fusion power, advanced science breakthroughs,
against drug usage, promoting progress and development. You were attracted
because you got the sense that you are part of a group that truly wishes to
promote the best of the human race to help people around the globe.
But, something always seemed to happen.

In retrospect, one will notice that the group can not operate with out an enemy
of LaRouche. At a certain point, any person who is either in the news, or has
an academic achievement, or produces music or art is critiqued. It becomes
almost a running joke that there is no one who has any thing to offer humanity,
except LaRouche himself.


We got to hear that one night in a conference before the 1980 New Hampshire
presidential primary elections. LaRouche would bellow at the top of his lungs
that he has met and examined every leader on the planet. He measured every
one in this dark crisis humanity is facing. The only result is that everyone has
failed miserably. Only he can get the world to work straight. But, the problem
is that there are people who are fighting just as hard to stop him and us.
This is where the idea of having a perpetual enemy became apparent to me.

When I first came in, the group had critics. Most of the critics were from leftist
groups on college campuses. Groups that did not seem credible to me.
There was accusations that the then NCLC attacked and beat members of other
leftist groups. We would hear about something called 'Operation Mop Up” but
we were told versions that had they had attacked us. A few members seemed
very strange to me. When I asked what happened to them, I was told that they
"Freaked out"; The organizing got tough. Later, I was told that we had members
who had been brainwashed by the CIA and the KGB. I wanted to learn more
as this was shocking news to a bumpkin like myself. Remember that we in the
US were barely out of the Vietnam war and there were assassinations of national
leaders. We had one crisis after another. No party or official new what to do.
Inflation was rampant and things seemed to be out of control.

The phrase I always heard was ;"January 74 "
I came around after that and asked members what that was all about. A few
Campaigners magazines were in the office and I took them home to read,
along with a few Newspapers from that era. There was a conference in NYC
in January 1974. There was some type of ruckus at the conference and what
was revealed was that the Larouche's leadership in England was brainwashed
and was part of an assassination threat against the org. Christopher White came
off a plane flight and was placed in confinement in an apartment in  NYC with
security people and LaRouche.


The magazines had articles by Larouche and Christopher White revealing how the plot was stopped by an intensive deprogramming by Larouche. The plot was to involve an assassination team of Cubans, emerging from the Hudson river and hunting down and killing Larouche. AT this confernece, there were people who claimed to be brainwashed as well.


Many years later. It was revealed by former members, that the whole thing was a hoax. Chris White was upset, but not brainwashed. Another member was supposed to have been brainwashed by the East German secret Police. It later turned out that he was having an affair with an East German girl and made up the story. 

A member was locked up in an Apt in NYC with a few members and was released when she flew a note out a window. Older members who I spoke to said that this era was the most scared that they ever felt. Anyone and everyone was considered and agent. But an agent of who?


The fist major enemy of LaRouche was the Rockefeller family. Every article we wrote was about there world wide dominance. The Rockefellers controlled the CIA, the FBI, the courts, every thing. Through their agents and connections, the Rockefellers controlled the Russians and everyone else to establish a world wide fascist regime. Every publication had an article that traced everything back to the
Rockefellers. England was mentioned when the subject of brainwashing came
up. I never heard of the Tavistock institute until I met the LaRouche group. The Organization said that the Tavistock Institute was the mother of all brainwashing in the world. Things like the Beatles, the gay rights movement, the womans rights movement, originated through Tavistock connections. Of course,
every enemy of LaRouche was inflamed, because we were publishing the truth.

The enemies list began to grow. By the end of the 70's we were talking not about the Tavistock Institute, but the British, he Rockefeller moved to second place, the British were now the enemy.Every article we printed linked the British to all of the evil in the world. The British controlled everything, banking, the drug trade. The British controlled science and were puppet masters. The British ran Hitler and were the brains behind the Nazis. Only the Jews seemed to be a wild card. The Jews were either being controlled by the Brits, or the Brits were running an operation started by the Jews.

It became almost comical in retrospect since a few things happened. During the New Hampshire campaign, we were treated to reports of assassination attempts against LaRouche . That meant that the British would not directly kill Larouche but use another group to do the job. Pretty soon, Henry Kissinger became Larouche's primary nemesis. The Knights of Malta became an enemy. The families of Venice became part of the conspiracy against LaRouche. The Isle of Capri harbored enemies of LaRouche. The Jesuits were now enemies. Environmentalists, rock and rollers, people who wanted to lower penalties for drug possession who disagreed with our views were obviously and agent, or part of a several thousand year conspiracy to control the human race. If you read Aristotle, you were an enemy.



Every week was filled with a new plot that was told by the security team. Every conference had extensive security checks, because you did not know if this was the conference where some one would assassinate Larouche. If we were at a meeting of our different gorups, we took care to screen the audience. Any dissenting question was met with an immediate charge from Paul Goldstein and Jeff Steinberg as to who that person was, where did they come from, why were they here. If you suspected that the person was a little off, then you isolated the contact with the person who organized them to come to the meeting. If the person seemed more threatening, then you had a security staff member sit with them as well. During breaks, the staff would find out as much as possible about the person and determine what the threat level was. In later years, it turned out that the assassination threats were phony ones set up by people who were cheating the organisation for money for more security protection. LaRouche began to travel like a head of state with caravans of armed guards. We had to raise emergency money around the clock to move LaRouche from one safe house to another. From one country to another.


There was a time when all of the enemies of LaRouche were ultimately tracked to the ADL. The ADL and Bnai Brith was the enemy. The security staff would do many undercover calls and do calls falsely stating their identity to see who was conspiring against Larouche. Any member who left was always suspected of being picked off by the ADL, especially if they were Jewish. More and more articles were written about the ADL. The ADL were slave supporters, drug pushers, enemies in bed with the drug cartels.During the campaigns when we were raising hundreds of thousands of dollars a week, there was always assassination threats to counter.



During the investigations, there was never a talk with the members about what we should do to protect ourselves by changing fundraising practises, just that the mere mention of a problem was part
of the world wide plot against Larouche. Most members had no idea of the extent how money was shifted around the globe. Very few members knew of the real estate purchases and the millions funneled into dubious security specialists. We were told that Larouche was in contact with the top Intelligence people in the CIA to squash the investigations. The KGB was directing this through the ADL to combat Larouches influence with the White House.

I never knew the stories of the people who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to LaRouche fundraisers until I read the articles in magazines like Readers Digest and Womans Day. Of course, an elaborate article was prepared for our publications detailing how these publications were all connected to the insidious evil in the world. How these were all enemies of LaRouche. If any person won an award, or published a best seller, they were part of the popular culture, and an enemy of humanity. The final word is that things which were really bad for the group, like not filing taxes, skipping out on bills and debts, financially screwing members, were not considered a problem. If you were evicted from your apartment, or had no money for the food, it was because of the enemies of LaRouche. We did get some semi famous people to work with us.

But as usually the case, if there were any problems due to our not paying
them, then they were at fault, worked with the ADL, and were now an enemy
of Larouche. There is a point when I considered that there must not be a single institution, organisation, book, TV show, or any thing, that was somehow not an enemy of LaRouche.