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R.Y. JUSTICE†† Letter number 7


Dear Erica,



These are heartless people. When I would inform the fundraisers and the leaders that a person who they were getting money from was senile or suffering from what was an age related illness, they would not blink an eye over taking the money. Their delusions will increase as they will believe that they have escaped from another evil plot to stop Larouche.


I still think that the highlight of the cult's paranoia would be over the revelation of your sonís knowledge and attendance of the Tavistock.
At that point it is my opinion that they would place him under close watch with their security people and would do every thing possible to keep him from leaving.  I have no idea of this line of thinking.
But, he may have seen something he was not supposed to see or heard, something he was not supposed to hear. The cult will whip up the members; especially the inner security people into thinking that there are various plots to assassinate LHL.

If we were at a conference and had a questionable person, we would first inform security and have the person who brought him to the event stay with him. If the person was considered a "Security risk" than we had him or her removed or have the person escorted by security people.  

The paranoia is very high as ANY whisper of dissent about LHL and the group is viewed as a security threat.  

Make no mistake about how delusional LHL is.  Just last month he accused his former head in Leesburg of being a suspect in a terror plot in Northern Virginia.




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