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R.Y. JUSTICE Letter number 6



Date: 13/04/2004 11:51:56 GMT Standard Time

Dear Erica,

What should never be forgotten is that the LaRouche organization works by systematically
erasing the history, present values and ambitions of its recruits. In the case of the Jewish
members, in retrospect one can see that the first order of business is to erase any Jewishness
by insulting and rewriting Jewish history. The members who are left will then be whipped up
into an anti- Israeli frenzy.  The Mossad and Shin Beth will be viewed as the most powerful
group on the planet which can run the US  like a trained dog.

The most revolting thing I often heard was when the few remaining Jews left in the group
would be raising money for LHL and to counter the anti -Semitic aura they would be saying
"Well I am Jewish, and I would not be here if LHL was anti- Semitic." This crap should have
been told as "Yeah, you are right. But my Jewishness has been so plundered that they have
the few remaining Jews like me making millions for LHL and Helga. If I went to a Jewish Temple,
the LaRouche people would denounce me as an Israeli agent of influence. I know the prayers
from my youth, but I am definitely not a practicing Jew today".

I defy anyone to find a Jewish LHL member who has set foot in a Temple, prayed, read the
Torah, observed the commandments,  recognized High Holy days or in any way maintained
their Jewishness. Eating bagels and lox and sputtering some Yiddish phrases do not count
just .do not count.

I know of a former member who once made the gaffe of asking an Israeli female out.
He was told by the Jewish leader that "She may be with the Mossad".
The paranoia is extreme to the point where every day is just  another update on how
evil the British and the Israelis are.  It would be interesting to have a real Jewish scholar
give an opinion on the extensive Jewish history rewriting that the LHL group does. 
Again, I ask the question. Why and for what reason does the group spend such an
incredible time trying to rewrite Judaism and Jewish history?


RY Justice


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