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R.Y. JUSTICE   Letter number 5


This is the letter from RY JUSTICE that would upset anyone who had the smallest amount of human compassion.
How could this kind of suffering have been going on for so long and yet so few people speak out? 
If this is true then it is shameful and a public disgrace. To protect certain persons mentioned I have blocked out
their names but all that is quoted is known and the persons mentioned identified. Will it go on? Will it be stopped?
Please make contact with me if you can support or tell more about what is described here



Dear Erica,


I will tell you more:




The damage done to members revolved around mental, financial and physical factors. Often, the three were intertwined.
People were controlled by the purse strings. Your rent and food was determined by the leaders. Members were also
taking out huge credit card and other loans and not being paid back. If they complained, they were branded trouble makers
and were told that their demands could cause LHL to be killed and the world would be destroyed.


 Members were evicted from their homes and were often begging each other for some thing to eat.
This hurt so many people who were living like paupers and were not able to repay loans. Ex members found that after they
left, they were on the hook for thousands of dollars and no job or education to pursue work.




 Many people became depressed after leaving since their prime years were now gone and they were facing the prospect
of starting their lives all over.

One person Mr S. P. found himself in this dilemma  in his 50's when he left and was no longer paid by the organization.
He spoke to some former members he knew who had left and saw how they left early enough to rebuild their lives.
S.P returned to the area of his childhood in Connecticut and shot himself in the head fatally.





- Some women had to seek help after they left because they were forced to get abortions when they were in the organization.
Female members who became pregnant were told that there is no time for babies when we have to save the world.
A few women regularly wake up screaming from nightmares about this.

- One woman in NYC was under psychiatric care for a while after she left.
She was unable to rid herself of the paranoia and hurt after she left.




-a young girl named Ms.E.B.was in the LYM a few summers ago. She was told to stop taking her medications because
the LYM could cure her of her illness. The group, according to her assaulted her in the Glendale California office
and wished to take over her subsidized housing for their members. She is still under care for this.



-The former Vice Presidential candidate of LHL named B. D. was a prosperous farmer before he lost everything in a LHL
investment scheme. This is common among LHL supporters who had real estate and business holdings. B.D. entered in some
farm / real estate agreement with the LHL group in Leesburg. The group lost all of its land by not paying notes on time,
among other reasons. B.D. lost his family as his wife and kids left him since they lost everything that the family built up
over a lifetime. Mr. BD, last time I heard was a broken down man in his 70's working at a local hardware store to
make ends meet. He does not talk to people about what happened since the embarrassment and loss was so great.

Supporters from Oklahoma and Canada lost everything in similar deals and are bankrupt and depressed over what transpired




The brother of a Baltimore member, whose wife was convicted of fraud, is living like a homeless person in Baltimore.
J. A. was reported to often show up at the Baltimore office and kneel in front of it.  J.A. was shot at in NYC during an
LHL rally at a detox center in the 70’s. He was sent to various offices where he was thought to have suffered a nervous
breakdown. When the org was in NYC, we had a printing office where we would send "the basket cases" from other
offices to work. These were often mentally broken down people who could not function in the group. John was in and out
of mental health clinics for decades.


It is impossible to fully grasp the extent of the damage inflicted on people.


Most members who left had to regain their lives and figure out how to re-enter society. Many have done that, but we
often hear of people who were never the same after devoting their prime years to LHL, and then to be discarded like
trash when the bills came due. It was often a running joke among the leadership that when members drop, out, their
debts drop out with them, so we hoped that we got a good sum of money from them before they left.



Members were often put in positions where they drove cars with no insurance, bald tires and expired plates.

People often were working and driving 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fatigue was not considered a
reason not to work harder to prevent LHL from being assasinated by the KGB or the British.


- One person died in a snow storm wreck while driving from Seattle to NYC for a conference.


- A member named M. G. died in a head on collision in Upstate NY about 10 years ago. He fell asleep
at the wheel after driving all night to meet some supporters to try and get money off them. After his death,
Helga Larouche announced a fund in his name and announced it in the Schiller magazine in his honor.
I have no idea what his parents were told, but knowing what I know about the cult, probably nothing.




MG was involved in the Boston Grand Jury Investigation of fraud by the Larouche cult in the 80's. MG,
along with several other members were sent to Europe to travel and stay in several different countries to
evade the Boston Grand Jury.  This was a featured trick we would pull where any potential witness would
be sent out of the country to our European safe houses.


DISREGARD FOR MEMBER’S HEALTH.  Alcoholism. Preventable diseases.


The level of depression among Leesburg Va members can be measured by the endless reports of alcoholism
among the older members. One leader who did history work named G L was rumored to have died of liver
failure following his drinking binges. Members are told to fend for themselves and have nothing to show after
decades of devotion. As the members grow older, the lack of health care is killing off a few people and some
are dying of preventable illness that was never discovered through regular health check ups.

To summarize, the cult has destroyed more people than it will ever admit.
Your son is one in a long line of casualities.




No member is ever told the history of what happened to the people who left. Often, the newer recruits are
told that the person left because they were an enemy “agent” Many members are also told that all of the people
who left because of the fraud were lying or were working for the ADL or a government office.


Members are also told that the former members became "soft" and were "baby Boomers" who could not handle
the pressure of saving the human race.


At no point has the cult even told its members the stories behind the massive defections,
loss of real estate or financial ruins. Rumors are the best you can get
. That is one reason
why the organization thrives on keeping its members on a constant alert against assassination
attempts and the threat of nuclear
wars and collapse. 


Psychological Terror

This whole lunacy is run by psychological terror and intimidation of free thinking, threat of nuclear
wars and world wide collapse.
This whole lunacy is run by psychological terror and intimidation
of free thinking.

There is no room for a Jeremiah Duggan in the Larouche world.







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