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R.Y. JUSTICE   Letter number 3


DEAR Erica,


There are several reasons why many of us wish to remain anonymous.


 Many of us have left the group and now have families and businesses, as well as other endeavors.
When we were in the group we would see how the LaRouche security team would work.


GUNS and LUNACY. FANATICISM and who can feel safe?


First, it should be noted that one reason the cult went to Virginia was because of less stringent gun laws.
Having a small collection of LaRouche sycophants, armed with weapons does not make us feel  good. 
When one considers that many of these members have devoted 20 to 30 years of their lives to LaRouche,
this madman, having your life examined can lead to many complications. Some if us have witnessed
members having nervous breakdowns and have heard of members who have killed themselves.
When the US Government raided the Leesburg offices and estates back in the 80's, the organization
was prepared for an armed confrontation. Groups like the Branch Dravidians, led by a similar self
proclaimed savior of the word, show what happens when lunacy and fanaticism about the world
coming to an end can end. Having ideas about this and saying unless you follow my preaching its
total destruction with members having access to fire arms you ask yourself where could this all lead.



Many of us also were part of the dirty tricks done to our enemies in the past. After whipping up hysteria
among the members over the non existent death threats, we made under cover calls impersonating people
to neighbors and co workers of our enemies. The LaRouche cult depends on having a steady stream of enemies. Accusations of homosexuality, child molestation, drug usage, were par for the course when we made those
phone calls and sent those letters.



After leaving the cult, we also began to hear and read about how delusional LaRouche was in fabricating
death threats and creating an ever growing army of groups and people out to get him. It was routine for
any member who left to be denounced and slandered by the local leaders, have their lives smeared in our
publications, be viciously attacked at national conferences, have our entire psychological history  fabricated
and put out to the public. Just view what the cult has published about Mr. Winstead in nationally distributed
pamphlets. Just read the press release that the LaRouche campaign released about a former national leader
named Fernando Quijano who left last year. He was accused of being a terrorist bombing threat in Northern Virginia!



The dirty tricks, the harrassment, the well documented night time endless calls are part of what one can
expect if the cult decides to get vicious. 


Many of us were part of teams which would harass and physically confront our enemies at their work places
and neighborhoods. Thank God that there are now anti stalking laws and telephone harassment laws available
to stop the cult in their tracks.


Since many of us today have numerous years of experience with the group, we rightly are concerned with
how crazed the cult can become.





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