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R.Y. JUSTICE   Letter number 2


Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 06:53:17 -0500

Dear Ms. Duggan,


Anything I send you is for your use anyway you see fit. If you have an

Investigator or legal representation against them, I am open to any

questions. You can forward anything I say to any news reporter or news

Service.  I have been out of that insane asylum for many years.

Remember that the cult members live in a very controlled insular world.

What is being told to members, if anything, will be crafted for their benefit, not for the truth.


I still can not believe that I am reading a letter from a mother who lost her son .

When I was younger and in the group, I never understood what parenthood means,

until I had my own children.

 There was very intense pressure in the group against members having

children. To the point where in the late 70's a senior female leader cajoled

a pregnant female member about her pregnancy being a problem with our job to

save humanity.


The leader than drove the younger member to get an abortion.

Though some current members have kids, that was the exception.


 The cruellest thing is that some older members have encouraged

their children to work  non stop for the delusionary views of LHL.





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