Dear Erica,

I want to make sure that you are not forgetting one of the most bizarre moments in the cultís history. There is a series of articles done in 21st Century about the Nazi rocket plant, Penemunde (SP?).  The group has made it a point to write about the excellent work done by these Nazi scientists and completely omitted the slave labor involved in the facility. The group has written very favorably about Herman Rudolph and other Nazi rocket scientists.

This stuff came aboard in the 80's where there was a subtle shift in how to view Germans. We were told that to view the science of these people and to view other Germans as "Patriots". Helga created a Patriotís party in Germany at the time. It was very similar to how we used to associate with crazy anti - Semitic groups in the US by also calling them Patriots.  There are also a few cases where the group spent a lot of time in defending accused Nazi guards living in the US like John Demianjuk (SP?).  Many of us in the group were scratching our heads wondering why do we have to get involved in that. The reason given to us was that since the ADL is involved in the prosecution and research of these criminals, then we need to fight the ADL through this.

This was also a time where anti- Semitic jokes were being told by LHL security people to "Toughen up the Jews" in the group. Many Jewish members complained and were told to "Go complain to Lyn, since he ordered them. A lot of Jewish members left in this period.

This is what makes the half Jew security chief, Jeff Steinberg a horrible man. He has left his decency at the door step of the cult many, many years ago. You will often find Steinberg using the fact that he is Jewish to tell people that LHL and the cult is not anti Semitic because since he is Jewish, he would leave. Well, almost every other Jew left except for a few old timers.\

Look up "Zayed Center" and you will see LHL addressing this notorious anti Semitic forum in the Mid East. Steinberg and LHL are often on Arab media.

The group spent a lot of time to convince people that the Germans really did not do what they did, it was the British who ran the whole show.  What happens here is that post WW2 shifting of German scientists like Werner Von Braun to the US was expanded to create the illusion that every one in the world created Hitler, except the Germans.

Looking at the history of who we supported, it was often dictators around the globe in Panama, Peru, Argentina, the Philippines. We thought that we could get money from the supporters of these people.

Roger Moore, who writes the stuff against you Erica was involved in doing research for the Apartheid South African government during the boycotts of South Africa. This is written according to King and Berlet.

A lot of what the group does in Europe is hidden from the US members. Tremendous amounts of money were funneled to Europe. There were always rumors and stories of LHL meeting with military and 'Secret leaders" in Europe.  Looking back at the way we published stuff, it becomes apparent that we would quickly shift gears if we thought that we could get cash from certain segments of the population.  There was never any dissent allowed over the people we would meet. Often it would be wrapped around in some secret negotiations that LHL is doing with world leaders who are changing history and need LHL's advice. Often members were told that we meet with people who were slandered as anti- Semites and crooks in the war to win back humanity. This allowed us to just look the other way when some thing odd would happen.

In many instances, the members were so busy that they would never have time to read the stuff we were selling. A lot of the anti -Semitic stuff is very esoteric.  The main articles that shook people up were the articles by LHL on the actual deaths in the Holocaust and the Nazi rocket scientists.