Dear Erica


Today I want to tackle  scapegoating and lies.

Poe, as the leading intelligence agent of his day, would have fun with this whopper! The first thing he would ask is who is behind this so-called "justiceforjeremiah" site. And lo and behold, he would discover that, according to its own information, it is people connected to the British Foreign Office, who in Poe's day were the enemies of Poe himself. Wonder why Poe and LaRouche have the same enemies and why both are defamed? Well, that might require a little less "browsing" and more thinking!

Using the investigative methods of a Dupin, one would discover that many of the so-called "experts" on LaRouche were at one point in 1984 pulled together in the home of one John Train, a behind-the-scenes financier, who put together many of the slanders against Mr. LaRouche. The purpose of these slanders was to attempt to destroy LaRouche's reputation and either to set the stage for his
assassination or subsequent jailing. Now, Mr. Train is one of those "economic hit men" described in the recent book by John Perkins, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", whose purpose if to destroy nations and force into debt, so that their raw materials and resources can then be seized. Sick methods are considered the "magic of the market" or "globalization". If leaders of nations
refuse to hand over their countries' economies, then the "jackals" are brought in, and they are either overthrown or assassinated, according to Mr. Perkins.

Because Lyndon LaRouche opposed these methods in favor of a just new economic order, modelled on the FDR American System, or Hamiltonian approach, he was singled out for "special treatment". Mr. Train more recently has been identified as a good friend of Jose Pinera, the former Pinochet Labor Minister, who is today peddling Bush stealing of social security funds along the "Chile" model.

In other words, the same circles that LaRouche has identified as behind the imposition of fascism, to save this bankrupt financial system, were behind the attacks on LaRouche. Perhaps, Mr. 'list32browser" thinks stealing social security to save Wall St. is a good idea. Enron II, anyone?

Of course, the same financial interests were behind Hitler and other fascists in the earlier part of the last century.. Sounds like a great financial scheme.

Mr. Train had played another role in his early life, in the 1950's, which is directly relevant to Poe. At that time, Train was one of the founders of the "Paris Review", financed by the Dulles CIA-connected so-called "Congress of Cultural Freedom". The purpose of this latter group, on behalf of the same financial circles who had brought Hitler to power earlier, was to reduce the
culture of America and Europe to sensualism or bestiality and destroy the basis of Classical culture. It was this that had been the basis for the American Revolution, the belief in man's ability to use his creative reason.
Talk to you soon some more