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R.Y. JUSTICE   Letter number 1


Sent: 01 March 2004 22:56

To: Tim Samuels, BBC Newsnight, London

Dear Mr. Samuels,


I would be honoured for you to forward this to the Duggan family. 

I would like to express my condolences to the Family.

I would like to offer and help in any way with my own experiences

I was in the group when I was a young man, and left after seeing the insanity. I kept some connections but lately I heard this
low life loser named Harley Schlanger have the audacity to start a meeting with other young recruits  by telling them that the
Duggan death issue is coming up because of LaRouche's world-wide influence. This was absolutely chilling.


That there should be a young man's death, and for this Schlanger to have no remorse or conscience, forced me to write you.


If I can be of help, please contact me. There needs to be some type of legal discourse in Germany to hold the cult responsible.


Yours truly,

(real name withheld for security reasons)





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