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  LaRouche Youth Movement Philippines



Philippine Issues in US Presidential Campaign '04 - WOWBUY Message ...
... Ruben Cota Meza of the Movimiento Solidaridad Ibero-Americana spoke about the ... article
about the Philippine situation published in the LaRouche website entitled ...




Philippine LaRouche Society



Tanikalang Ginto Philippines : Government ...
... The Philippine LaRouce Society The Philippine LaRouche Society (PLS) was established
to help spread the word to all Filipinos that salvation of the global ...



EIR Volume 30, Number 3, January 24, 2003
... Philippines: Economist Issues `Final Call to Heroism'. By Antonio AS Valdes,
co-founder of the Philippine LaRouche Society. ...






December 2004
Publisher Announces Bridge Across Jordan Italian Language Edition
Helga Zepp LaRouche Speaks of Schiller and Strategy on Phillipines Radio
Lyndon LaRouche On the Dialogue of Cultures: "The Next 50 Years"


LaRouche Youth Movement Philipines

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LaRouche Youth Movement-Philippines  


Philipines LaRouche Society

November 16 , 2004

Interview with Butch Valdes on Angel Radio, Manila, the Philippines

The Philippine LaRouche Society calls for fixed exchange rates, US/Phillippine withdrawal from Iraq, denuciation of Dick Cheney, and withdrawal of U.S. military advisors from Mindanao. It has an office in Manila, operates radio show and says on its website, "Lyndon LaRouche is our civilization's last chance at world peace and development. May God help us." On the matter of internal politics, LaRouche operative Mike Billington has said, "The Philippines Catholic Church, too, is divided at the top over the crisis. The Church under Cardinal Sin, who is now retired, had given its full support to the "people's power" charade for the overthrow of Marcos and Estrada, but other voices are heard today." Philippine Elections Show No Solution Ahead (