LaRouche in Nicaragua



Lee Atwater was or is national chairman of the Republican Party. During his tenure at the head of the party, Atwater sent UNO a contribution of $25,000 and actively participated in fundraising events for Violeta Chamorro. (21,25) Atwater helped organize fundraising dinners held in support of Lt. Col. Oliver North of Iran-Contra fame. (24) Atwater was implicated in the dirty work in the attempted smear of presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. The story,"leaked" by the LaRouche campaign, claimed that Dukakis had a history of psychiatric treatment. (26) Atwater is a former partner of the firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly. (27)

Council for Inter-American Security,  was an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan contras with an apparent main goal,  the defeat of communism in Latin America.  It had close affiliations with  the John Birch Society, the World Anti-Communist League, Alpha66/Brigade 2506 anti-Castro terrorist groups,  The LaRouche Organization, the Unification Movement of South Korea (Moonies),  various Christian fundamentalist and conservative Catholic groups.