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Who will speak for Jeremiah?
A mother's account

Erica by Jerry's grave

From my research I know that Jerry was already being targeted by specially trained recruiters of the LaRouche organization in Paris. This was even before he was lured to go to Germany for what he thought was an anti-war conference but was really a method of recruiting new members to the movement. The Iraq War was used as an emotional lever to engage his interest. At the same time he was being manipulated and told that the world was on the brink of Armageddon with an impending nuclear holocaust.

Also from reading the bulletins in my son's bags I see that he was being deceived into believing that everything surrounding him was built upon a fabric of lies. Jeremiah’s lecture notes and cadre school briefings found in his bags provide the evidence of incitement to hatred against the British and the Jews. I have received information from many broken hearted parents from different countries round the world, who tell me how their sons or daughters are subjugated to such an extent that they abandon their jobs or their studies and live crowded together in one of the LaRouche properties.

There they are made to work long hours, seven days a week, for very little money. They devote themselves to what really only amounts to trying to make money for LaRouche and his cronies. The sad reality is that all the hard work of the LaRouche “slaves” never achieves what he tells them they are supposed to be working for. What he has achieved is sowing the seeds of destruction and hatred between people worldwide. This is the saddest betrayal of the idealism of the young who join convinced that they are saving the world.

Jeremiah told me before he left for the German conference, that he was going to learn something to help save his family and friends from the dangers facing everyone with the Iraq War. At the time I did not understand this attempt to put the weight of the world's problems upon my son's shoulders. I did not know that this is the method used by the LaRouche network to ensnare idealistic youngsters into joining the LaRouche movement. I did not want to stop my son from protesting if he felt so strongly. I was proud that he wanted to do something for the betterment of humanity.

Jerry was a balanced, sensible and independent young man. He was used to being in charge of his own life and I had no reason to suspect any danger. Who, when hearing the name "The Schiller Institute" would ever suspect that there could be anything sinister behind such a title? Who would think of anything else other than the German national poet?

I was totally uninformed about how this organization uses fraud and deception. How all their tactics of terror, shock and verbal bullying is done to affect personality and identity change. I did not know how  the Schiller Institute  through a smokescreen of high culture of music, poetry,mathematics  manipulate and engage interest while at their  foundations they spread anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

I learnt of this from the papers found in my son's bags where I read that the young students were told that unless they acted now, “there would be no afterwards and life as we know would not continue on this planet.”  They were  told that their education and their parents had it all wrong and were responsible for the problems.

Looking back to February 2003, I clearly remember Jerry saying that he was learning about an organization that has the solution to the world's problems. "That's nice, Jerry" I replied, "but what is this solution? What can you do?" "I don't know yet," Jerry, replied "When I have finished my College work that's what I will find out. Then I will tell you."

I knew nothing about political organizations that use fraud and misinformation to subjugate individuals. These methods of breaking a person down are described by LaRouche in his book “Beyond Psychoanalysis”. Here Lyndon LaRouche under the pen name Lyn Marcus lays down the method for destroying a person and taking away their thoughts or using what they possess in the way of critical independent thought. I have learnt that even describing these destructive methods is a taboo subject and I was frequently told by the media "Don't mention the word cult. Don't mention brainwashing." The fear of speaking out is a denial of the truth.

I define a destructive organization in terms of how the leader uses deception and emotional blackmail to subjugate its members.  All destructive organizations violate the rights of the individual and can cause deep and long lasting emotional harm. Clever use of peer pressure to carry out the orders of the group leaders serve to hide from the individual how the enslavement works.  Even if we have no investigation of the how Jeremiah died we know that he was destroyed. The fact that soon after Jeremiah died the leaders were telling the group: “Do not speak about this event to anyone not even to each other” demonstrates the degree of control and manipulation. In my opinion the destruction of a person is a criminal act.  In addition we know that Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted criminal fraudster and has been jailed in the United States of America. Even now LaRouche continues to deceive by stating he was innocent and he was jailed for his political beliefs. The truth was stated by the judge at his trial. He was convicted for his crimes and not anything else. Crimes that concerned defrauding others of  £36 million.

One only has to study the earlier documents of LaRouche to see so clearly that nothing has changed in the ideas they spread today. Helga and Lyndon LaRouche are experts at disguising from the youngsters their true aims which are founded on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

There are many ex-members who are ready to testify to the mental damage inflicted down the years by the LaRouche groups. These ex-members read about the death of my son and want to break the silence and speak about the waste of their lives at the hands of this organization. Parents of youngsters caught up in this movement speak in heartbreaking terms of the pain and sense of loss they feel. The cruelest thing of all is how the children are subjugating into denying their family attachments. They are told to tell their parents that if they criticize the organization the child will not wish to see them again.

My son is dead and I am his voice. I am also the voice of all those silenced by fear.

We have to know how Jeremiah died.

Not only for the Duggan family, but for all the wonderful young people who may fall prey to the criminal methods which LaRouche openly describes in his book "Beyond Psycho-Analysis." 

I speak as a mother robbed of her son who hears the voices of all the other parents round the world who cry out for help.

As long as the death of Jeremiah Duggan is dismissed as a suicide, the stronger will grow our cry to know the truth.
Erica Duggan, 2007

"I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind"
- Antoine de St. Exupery.

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