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Trilateral Commission



The Pacific Asia Group


Pacific Asia Chairman: Yotaro Kobayashi

Pacific Asia Deputy Chairmen: Kim Kyung-Won, Shijuro Ogata

Pacific Asia Director: Tadashi Yamamoto

secretariat address: Japan Center for International Exchange

4-9-17 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106, Japan

telephone: 81-3: 3446-7781

telefax: 81-3: 3443-7580


JCIE Website:


The Trilateral Commission, what are these guys up to?

... President of the Republic of Estonia; 3) the European Union in progress, ... Co-conspirators, according to LaRouche, include the British monarchy, ...


Beware the Trilateral Commission! The Influential World Panel Conspiracy Theorists Love to Hate


The Washington Post, April 25, 1992 David Mills, Washington Post Staff Writer Behind closed doors (of course), they are meeting this weekend in Lisbon. Some call them "the shadow government," "the Establishment," the "global elite" that runs the world. They call themselves simply ... the Trilateral Commission. (Chills run up spine.) Depending on which conspiracy theory you subscribe to-and the Trilateral Commission has found its way into many-this 19-year-old organization is anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Christian or anti-worker, and is scheming ultimately to abolish the sovereignty of nations and establish one world government! According to Lyndon LaRouche, fringe political candidate and convicted tax cheat, the Trilateral Commission is behind the international drug trade. A writer affiliated with the far-right Liberty Lobby says the commission is forever plotting to raise taxes on Americans, siphoning the money overseas.







"We have statements from officials, professors, students, journalists from all over Asia, including a letter of protest from Japanese youth, our friends in Japan, Mr. Syusetsu Orikasa and Mr. Akinori Utzumi, both from Tokyo, Japan," Ms. Kreingold said, reading all the faxes. "We have a letter addressed to the Democratic National Committee from Mr. Sungbin Yim, Deputy Secretary General of the East Asian Common Space organization in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. We have a letter from Dr. Chu Chong?Hwan, Chairman?of?the?Board, People's?Solidarity?for? Participatory Democracy (PSPD, one of the organizations which lead the recent exciting mass peoples' candlelight vigils in  South Korea. We have also a letter to the DNC protesting the  exclusion of the LaRouche Youth Movement from the Union of  Journalists of the Philippines, Mr. Marlou Mumar, former  political education officer in the Union of Journalists. 

"We have letter to the Democratic National Committee from Dr. Narihiko Ito, in Tokyo, Japan, Professor Emeritus of the  Chuo University, and of the Utsunomiya Disarmament Research  Institute and the Conference Chairman, Peace, Disarmament, and Symbiosis in the Asia-Pacific (PDSAP) 2003. We have another  letter here from Mr. Kenji Kobayashi, financial analyst in Tokyo Japan. We also have words of support for the Youth Movement 

from Antonio Valdes of the Philippine LaRouche Society.