LaRouche in Honduras





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... e uomo politico americano Lyndon LaRouche ei suoi ... di Secord che "ha raccolto informazioni
contro LaRouche". ... L'ex agente DEA Celerino Castillo, detto "Cele ... patriot/north_and_drugs_2.txt
 What was Stia's position? 
    Castillo: Robert Stia was the country attache@aa,
which involved two agents and himself. Two agents covered
four countries, including Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, and
EIR: What did you find out while you were there? 
    Castillo: At the beginning, I was in charge. I
was supposed to be the agent in charge of El Salvador,
which means I was the DEA representation in that country. 
    One of the things that we had in El Salvador was an
informant who was in place at Ilopango airport. This
informant was the one who did the flight plans for the
Contras, and he had previously given reliable information
to the U.S. Embassy in regards to some of the pilots who
were involved in narcotics trafficking. 
    We had another individual who had been a DEA
informant since 1981, and he was also very politically
involved with the Arena Party, which was the party of the
far right, the party of Maj. [Roberto] D'Aubisson,
[Napoleo@aan] Duarte, and [Alfredo] Cristiani. We had
gathered intelligence, and we continued to start the
investigation on it.