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The LaRouche Connection
Posted on Monday, January 12 @ 01:00:00 EST by wgrim

By William Grim

What candidate for the Democrat Presidential nomination--whose campaign is being underwritten by the American taxpayers to the tune of $800,000—controls a right-wing extremist political party in Germany? Howard Dean? John F. Kerry?

No, it’s none other than convicted felon and conspiracy theorist par excellence Lyndon LaRouche.

Why should Americans care? LaRouche has always been on the extreme fringe of American politics, his theories have almost no credibility among the general population and he has never been able to garner more than 80,000 votes in any of his many attempts at the Presidency.

The answer is very simple. In the aftermath of 9/11, the planning of which was done in Germany, and the exponential rise of anti-Semitism in Germany in recent years (of which the aborted attempt by Neo-Nazis to bomb the cornerstone laying ceremony at Munich’s new Jewish Center is only the most prominent example), it is all too obvious what a small band of dedicated and well-funded extremists can accomplish.

Most Americans do not realize that Lyndon LaRouche’s organizational apparatus and ambitions are international in scope. Through a shell organization called the Schiller Institute (named after the famous German poet Friedrich Schiller, the author of the “Ode to Joy”) LaRouche has established a forum for the surreptitious dissemination of his more hare-brained political theories within a context that is seemingly dedicated to artistic and humanistic studies.

The Schiller Institute is concerned with such recondite topics as the lowering of standardized tuning for musical instruments, mathematical pedagogy and the influence of Greek culture on the philosophy and art of the German romantics. A cursory examination of the Institute’s house organ “Fidelio” finds articles dealing with Homer, Henry VII, Benjamin Franklin, Leibniz, the “Four Serious Songs” of Johannes Brahms and reviews of books, art exhibits, and musical and dramatic performances. There are the occasional articles in which Vice President Richard Cheney is said to be controlling the government of the United States, and by extension, the world. And interestingly enough, there are articles such as Paul Kreingold’s “I.L. Peretz, Father of the Yiddish Renaissance” in the Summer 2003 edition of “Fidelio.”

It all sounds so innocent and somehow wholesome. An international organization that is dedicated to educational outreach and fostering understanding among the peoples of the world. Yet, the Schiller Institute and Lyndon LaRouche himself are widely regarded by experts as part of a sophisticated and rapidly expanding network of anti-Semitic right-wing and neo-Nazi organizations.

Lyndon LaRouche began his political career as a supporter of the Communist Party USA and then became affiliated with the Socialist Workers Party. In 1969 he became head of the Labor Caucus of the Students for a Democratic Society (and was then known by the alias of Lyn Marcus). In 1972 he formed the National Caucus of Labor Committees. In 1973 LaRouche began “Operation Mop-Up” in which NCLC thugs physically attacked members of the Communist Party USA and Socialist Workers Party in order to establish LaRouche’s total control over all political parties of the extreme Marxist left. At about this same time LaRouche founded the U.S. Labor Party as the political arm of the NCLC and began his first contacts with extreme right-wing and anti-Semitic political groups such as the KKK, the John Birch Society and the Liberty Lobby. USLP political pamphlets from the period stress that America was being controlled by a conspiracy led by Nelson Rockefeller, the Queen of England and British Jews. In LaRouche’s paranoid view of history, there has been a secret cabal of Jewish conspirators controlling world history since the time of the Babylonian captivity. In his worldview the British Empire is only one manifestation of an ancient and all-powerful “Jewish conspiracy.” LaRouche’s organization later had close relations with the Aryan Nation and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Some quotations from LaRouche’s writings are illustrative of a very different worldview from that ostensibly espoused by the Schiller Institute. For example, in March 1978, LaRouche wrote in an editorial entitled “A War-Winning Strategy” in his political organ “New Solidarity” that “America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the councils of government, industry and labor.” In the same issue LaRouche also stated, “Can one punish sheep for being sheep? The Israelis have behaved with monstrous, worse-than-Nazi bestiality.” In December of 1978 LaRouche stated in the same journal that “Zionism is the state of collective psychosis through which London manipulates most of international Jewry.”

And finally, in the September-October 1980 of “The Campaigner” (another LaRouche political organ) LaRouche managed to conflate the old canard about Jews being responsible for the slave trade along with the canard that Jews were responsible for cultural decadence and artistic modernism:

“Jazz was foisted on black Americans by the same oligarchy which had run the U.S. slave trade, with the help of the classically trained but immoral George Gershwin and the Paris-New York circuit of drug-taking avant-garde artists.”

These excerpts from LaRouche’s writings reveal him to be not an exponent of Enlightenment humanism, but a paranoid conspiracy theorist whose aesthetic views are scarcely different from those of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, LaRouche’s protestations against jazz are eerily similar to the formulations used by the Nazis to ban the syncopated “Negro-Jewish-Masonic” music of jazz as well as modernist operas such as Ernst Krenek’s “Jonny Spielt Auf.”


The Unsolved Case of Jeremiah Duggan


Shortly after the start of the Iraq War, a young Jewish student from England named Jeremiah Duggan who was studying in Paris, decided to attend what he thought was an anti-war conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. The “anti-war” conference was sponsored by the Schiller Institute and young Duggan had joined the organization completely unaware of the group’s anti-Semitic history.

Duggan discovered the Schiller Institute’s anti-Semitism while in Wiesbaden and then publicly announced his Jewish identity. At 4:20am on March 27, 2003 Duggan called his girlfriend Maya in Paris and told her that he was under a great deal of pressure and wanted to go back to Paris. About an hour later Duggan called his mother in England and told her that we was in trouble and was frightened for his life. Less than an hour after that Duggan was knocked down by a car on Wiesbaden’s Berliner Strasse and then immediately run over by another car that instantly killed him.

The German police did an investigation that was shockingly inadequate and ruled Duggan’s death to be a suicide. The German police only questioned Schiller Institute officials and supporters and refused to take statements from Duggan’s roommate in Germany. Additionally, some relevant evidence disappeared from police custody.

On November 4, 2003 a coroner’s inquest in London rejected the conclusion of the German police that Duggan ran out into the road with “suicidal intent” and ruled that the investigation was woefully inadequate. Currently, British authorities are contemplating requesting German police to conduct a new investigation. Schiller Institute spokesmen deny any culpability in Duggan’s death and the case remains unsolved.

LaRouche and the BueSo


The German political arm of the LaRouche movement is called the Buergerrechtsbewegung Solidaritaet (BueSo) [Civil Rights Solidarity Movement] and is run by Helge Zepp LaRouche, the German wife of Lyndon LaRouche. Although a minor party (it garnered only 16, 958 votes in the 2002 Bundestag elections and 6,234 votes in the 2003 Bavarian Landtag elections), the BueSo has local offices throughout Germany and is affiliated with similarly named parties throughout Europe, Australia and Asia.
Additionally, the BueSo makes no bones about its relationship with LaRouche’s campaign for the 2004 Democrat presidential nomination.

The BueSo was founded in 1992 and was the successor political party to the Patrioten fuer Deutschland (German Patriots Party). Like the Schiller Institute, the BueSo emphasizes its more mainstream political agenda (a critique of globalization, opposition to privatization of German utilities, opposition to the War in Iraq) while couching its radical and anti-Semitic rhetoric in language that narrowly avoids falling within the purview of Germany’s anti-Nazi and Holocaust denial laws. For example, in the January 11, 1993 issue of BueSo party organ “Neuen Solidaritaet” Helge Zepp LaRouche stated: “[W]e need a movement that releases Germany finally from the control of the forces from Versailles and Yalta.” This is almost exactly the same formulation used by Hitler who alleged that Germany was “sold out” at the Versailles Peace Treaty Conference following the end of World War I by the Weimar government that he claimed was controlled by Jews.

To avoid running afoul of laws banning overt anti-Semitism, the BueSo, like other radical and mainstream political parties in Germany, uses the euphemism “anti-Zionism” in its political statements. Likewise, the BueSo and other LaRouche political organizations absolve the Muslims of the Middle East from any complicity in atrocities perpetrated against the state of Israel or the United States. Indeed, a mainstay of LaRouche political dogma has been that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda were not responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but that they were planned by extremist elements within the United States military apparatus in order to start a world war in order to provide an excuse to destroy Islam. This plan was allegedly masterminded by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Vice President Cheney and, of course, the ever-present worldwide Jewish conspiracy that controls the United States, Great Britain and various international agencies such as the tri-Lateral Commission, the WTO and the Council on Foreign Affairs.

The founding of the BueSo in the year 1992 is very significant. In the aftermath of German reunification, neo-Nazi activity increased dramatically. Neo-Nazis participated in severe rioting in Hoyerswerda (1991), Rostock (1992) and Magdeburg (1994), and neo-Nazi participation in a series of murders in Moelln in 1992 greatly shocked the nation. This led to the banning in 1992 of a number of German neo-Nazi parties, such as the Deutsche Alternative, the Nationale Offensive and the Nationalistische Front. While skinheads and other violent neo-Nazis were arousing the ire of the German population, the political arms of the various neo-Nazi organizations were having a real impact on German elections. The neo-Nazi Republikaner Partei garnered 7.5% of the vote in the Berlin Landtag election in 1989, 9% of the European Parliament election of 1989, 11% of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Landtag election in 1992 and 8.3% of the Berlin Landtag election of 1992. From 1989 to 1994 the Republikaners elected 262 representatives to 215 local and regional governments. (In Munich, the Republikaner Johann Weinfurtner is still a member of the Stadtrat, or city council.) Between December 1992 and June 1994 the Republikaners were linked to 14 crimes, including one death by beating.

Likewise, the Deutsche Volksunion, a profoundly anti-Semitic party led by Munich business magnate Dr. Gerhard Grey received 6% of the vote in the Bremen Landtag elections in 1991 and 6% of the vote in the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag elections in 1992.

Clearly, there were significant electoral gains to be made if the splintered right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi parties could coalesce into one unified political party. This appears to be a goal of the BueSo. In 2002 the BueSo briefly considered joining forces with the Free Democrat Party (FDP) in North Rhineland-Westphalia. The FDP is a small mainstream party that often allies itself with the Christian Democratic Union and is generally concerned with lowering taxes, encouraging free trade and avoiding the social issues of the CDU and SPD (Social Democratic Party). At this time the NR-W FDP was run by Jamal Karsli, a Syrian-born German citizen, and the notorious Juergen Moellemann, the most openly anti-Semitic mainstream politician in Germany since Adolf Hitler. The BueSo even went so far as to publish a glowing interview with Karsli in “Neuen Solidaritaet” that originated in Syria with Karsli accusing the Israeli military of “Nazi methods.”

Karsli soon resigned his membership in the FDP. Moellemann, the former Vice-Chancellor of Germany under Helmut Kohl and an extremely popular figure who sported a Fuehrer mustache, caused a scandal during the 2002 Bundestag elections when he mailed millions of anti-Semitic pamphlets to registered voters. The BueSo’s dreams of affiliation with the FDP came to end during the Summer of 2003 when Moellemann was discovered to have hidden in foreign banks millions of Euros in bribes, some of which may have come from Muslim organizations with ties to terrorist organizations. Moellemann, an experienced parachutist, committed suicide by jumping out of an airplane and slipping out of his parachute.

Causes for Concern


While it is easy to dismiss Lyndon LaRouche and his political cronies as just another group of crackpots, the same could have been said in 1919 of a small Bavarian political party called the Deutsche Arbeiter Partei. Through mergers with other small parties and dynamic leadership it eventually came to be known as the NSDAP or Nazi Party. What is particularly worrisome about LaRouche and his followers is that on the surface they seem so reasonable. Certain aspects of their agenda seem no more sinister than Mortimer J. Adler’s “Great Books” program.

This was part of the appeal of Hitler. Many Germans mistakenly thought that Hitler was a man of culture, someone who would restore the dignity and primacy of German high culture of the 19th century. They were willing to forgive the excesses of the Brownshirts because they felt that Hitler’s Wagnerianism was the true face of National Socialism.

The same is true of LaRouche. He is obviously an intelligent person and from all accounts can discourse on any number of topics. Yet, there is also the LaRouche of “Operation Mop-Up,” the LaRouche of a thousand and one conspiracy theories all of which are anti-Semitic in origin. Like Hitler, LaRouche espouses a politics based on the Fuehrer-Prinzip, a paranoid interpretation of history that is anti-Semitic to its core, and economic fascism.

Then there is also the problem of LaRouche’s finances. LaRouche is a millionaire who made his initial fortune through a company that developed for the trucking industry dedicated software for Wang computer systems. Long before Howard Dean, Lyndon LaRouche realized the fund-raising potential of the internet. In addition to his personal fortune, LaRouche’s fund-raising apparatus is truly international in scope, as can be seen from just a cursory examination of the BueSo website ( And as mentioned at the beginning of this article, LaRouche knows his way around election laws, and his campaign has just received $800,000 in tax-supported funding from the Federal Election Commission.

Although his age (LaRouche was born in 1922) will probably prevent him from ever achieving any close to an electoral victory, the campaign and funding apparatus that LaRouche has created serves as a model for other right-wing extremists, anti-Semites and neo-Nazis. LaRouche’s worldwide organization and his many ties to the extremist and neo-Nazi underground as well as mainstream political organizations makes him an ideal conduit for the dissemination and transfer of cash to facilitate overt and covert political activities. And whether or not the Schiller Institute can be shown to be complicit in the death of Jeremiah Duggan, it is a fact that violence is not unknown among the political tools of Lyndon LaRouche.

The poet of the “Ode to Joy” must be turning over in his grave.