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Roberto D'Aubuisson of El Salvador. founder of the ARENA party currently in power in is considered to be the father of the death squads in

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reputation of Salvadoran death squad leader Roberto DAubuisson and worked ...

El Salvador podría abrir nuevas perspectivas para la región Christine Bierre

New evidence links George Bush to Los Angeles drug operation

by Edward Spannaus

First of all, on Oct. 5, 1986, a C-123 cargo plane, flying from El Salvador's Ilopango military air base, had been shot down over Nicaragua. Three crewmen were killed, and the fourth, Eugene Hasenfus, was captured by the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. This was the beginning of the public unravelling of what became known as the ``Iran-Contra'' affair.

With Soviet, and therefore Cuban financing cut off, Cuban organizers told the leaders of the erstwhile beneficiaries of Cuban largesse, that the dope trade would henceforth have to finance their operations. While Social Democratic political parties and movements and other ideological movements swell the lists of the São Paulo Forum's members, its central leadership is made up of the war-hardened terrorist forces which first emerged in the 1970s and 1980s: the FARC and its companion, François Houtart's and Camilo Torres' ELN; Nicaragua's Sandinistas (FSLN); El Salvador's Farabundo Martí Liberation Front (FMLN); the Uruguayan Tupamaros; etc. The emergence in 1994 of Mexico's Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) from its decades-long incubation in the jungles of Chiapas, was used to rally enormous international publicity and support for the São Paulo Forum apparatus, into which the EZLN is fully integrated.