LaRouche in Croatia



2 APRIL 1993 - Italy: Rome - Justice


Press Conference held by the European Federalist Group to present the parliamentary initiative, promoted by Italy and at the international level, to free Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., a seventy-year-old American economist and former Democratic presidential candidate, who has been in prison in Minnesota for 4 years after being framed by former U.S. President George Bush. Emma Bonino, of the European Federalist Group, Flaminio Piccoli, of the Christian Democrat Party, Helga Zepp LaRouche, President of the Schiller Institute and wife of the American dissident, and Sergio D’Elia take part in the press conference.


In recent weeks, a letter addressed to President Clinton, asking him to release and rehabilitate the U.S. politician, has been signed by over 300 parliamentarians throughout the world.

20/12/1991 | Letter to Franjo Greguric and Zdravko Tomac

from Emma Bonino, Sergio Stanzani, Paolo Vigevano


ABSTRACT: Letter from Emma Bonino, Sergio Stanzani and Paolo Vigevano to the Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, asking them to accept the "enlistment" of a group of radical leaders on an unarmed service in the Croatian defence forces.

Franjo Greguric

Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia

Zdravko Tomac

Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia

Rome, 20 December 1991


Posted By: somtum
Date: Monday, 24 March 2003, 3:00 p.m.

The following emergency declaration was passed on March 23, 2003 by the participants in the International Conference of the Schiller Institute in Bad Schwalbach, Germany, coming from 46 countries:

….. Croatia…….

Schiller Institute delegation in Croatia

The Anti-Abortion/Neo-Nazi Connection Evidence Surfaces Linking ...

... of Wolfgang Droege, the founder of the white supremacist Heritage Front (HF). ... Life
Gazette and supporters of American neo-fascist, Lyndon LaRouche at East ...

    Pro-Life Society president, Barry Wray, also boasts of his
close association with Ernst Zundel, one of the largest
publishers of neo-Nazi literature in the world. (18)
     Wray's brother Dan, a former leader of the British Columbia
chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, spoke at a public meeting of the
racist "white culture" group, Canada First. (19)
     The April 1989 meeting was co-sponsored by the anti-abortion
Life Gazette and supporters of American neo-fascist, Lyndon
LaRouche at East Vancouver's Croatian Cultural Center. The topic,
according to the Vanocuver Sun, was billed as "Satanism and
Bolshevism." (20)

Vertreter des Schiller-Instituts nahmen an einer Veranstaltung des Kroatischen Nationalrates (HNV) zum Gedenken an den Gründungstag des "Unabhängigen Kroatien" teil. Brigadegeneral a.D. Paul-Albert Scherer, der es bis zum Chef des Militärischen Abschirmdienstes (MAD) brachte, unterzeichnete einen HNV Solidaritätsaufruf. Zur LaRouche-Delegation gehörte auch Roy Frankenhauser, "Grand Dragon" des Ku Klux Klan in Philadelphia und 1983 beim Sicherheitsdienst von LaRouche beschäftigt.





... Amerikanec, profesor Nestor Oginar dade intervju za spisanieto EIR (Executive

Intelligence Review). ... na la`eweto, pqa~kaweto na nacijata, a toa e kriminal. ...



... o ujka u uglednom ameri kom asopisu EIR (Executive Intelligence Review). Vladimir

Putin. ... Jasni primjer toga kroni nog zla jest kriminal. ...




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... Organisasi-organisasi lingkungan hidup internasional telah mendesak untuk menerima dan mengadopsi rekomendasi-rekomendasi dari Extractive Industries Review (EIR ...