LaRouche in Colombia


1. institutions, political parties, publishing empire, News Agencies and so on.




Ibero-American Solidarity Movement (MSIA)

The posters are signed by the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement (MSIA) of  US

rightwinger Lyndon LaRouche,



Declaracion Politica del MSIA
... del MSIA y del dirigente politico estadounidense Lyndon LaRouche entre ...
y exigia que los Estados Unidos le cortaran toda ayuda militar a Colombia. ...






2. INVOLVEMENT in Colombia


Jenny Valencia Monsalve ist Direktorin der kolumbianischen Anwaltsvereinigung CONALBOS in der Provinz Cuninamarca, in der sich auch die Hauptstadt Bogota befindet. Es folgen Ausschnitte aus einem Brief, den Frau Monsalve am 14. Dezember stellvertretend für ihren Verband veröffentlichte.

Maximiliano Londono, President, Ibero-American Solidarity Movement of Colombia (MSIA):
June 29 EIR interview July 14 1999
 Report on alliance of U.S. State Dept. and FARC guerrila movement. (via tephone from Bogota)
"Colombia's Gen. Bedoya: Colombia & the U.S. can Jointly Defeat Narco-Terrorism!"
           Gen. Harold Bedoya (ret), former Comander of the Armed Forces of Colombia
           Press Conference. National Press Club. Washington, DC
           Sept. 7 1999
Executive Inteligence Review 
Volume 25, Number 27, July 3, 1998
General Harold Bedoya
General Bedoya (ret.) was the Presidential candidate for the Colombian Force Movement in Colombia's recent elections.
    LaRouche Says Give Colombia Logistics And Intelligence Help, Not ...... 
        Lyndon LaRouche, Executive Intelligence Review founding editor and US Democratic Presidential pre-candidate, 
    Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1997/8 - COLOMBIA
    ... Although Colombia is undergoing its worst economic, political and social crisis of
    ... The Lyndon LaRouche-influenced movement Movimiento Solidaridad ...