LaRouche in Chile




LaRouche's was the only voice of sanity at the Americas Summit in ...
... it fell to the followers of Lyndon LaRouche to bring the voice of sanity to
... The LYM approached Chile's President Ricardo Lagos and Bolivia's Carlos ...


The LYM approached Chile's President Ricardo Lagos

Major Chilean Daily Publishes Story on LaRouche Campaign vs. Bush's Privatization Drive

Dec. 16, 2004 (EIRNS)—The business section of the Dec. 17 print edition of the Chilean daily newspaper La Tercera, and also its online edition, features an article on Lyndon LaRouche's campaign to halt President Bush's drive to privatize Social Security.




LaRouche: The Fascist Chile Model of Social Security Privatization
... 7, 2005. LaRouche PAC released this summary memo on Feb. 7, 2005. ...
President George Bush has repeatedly cited Chile as his model for Social Security ...

Bouchey, the co-author of _The Strategy of Terror_ (written with
Stefan Possony), was a former member of the Young Americans for
Freedom employed by the American-Chilean Council, a front for the
murderous Pinochet regime.[9] Possony, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover
Institute, long-time WACL operative and board member of Lyndon
LaRouche's, Fusion Energy Foundation, was a founding member of the
Council, as was Dr. Anthony Bouscaren, a right-wing operative who
had worked for the racist Pioneer Fund. 2005/050301_ss_chile_prt.htm
Ms. Marquez's criticism of the Chilean privatized system has been echoed widely, and EIR has featured two other prominent Chileans detailing its failures. One was Chilean labor leader Arturo Martinez, president of Chile's largest labor federation, the Unified Labor Federation, who gave an interview to EIR on Dec. 14, 2004. Another was Manuel Riesco, a member of the board of CENDA (Center of National Studies of Alternative Development), of Santiago, Chile, who wrote a paper entitled "Chile: Private Pensions, A Quarter Century On," which documented how much worse off Chilean retirees are today, than they would have been under the old pay-as-you-go system.