LaRouche in Canada



1. institutions, political parties, publishing empire, News Agencies and so on.




Comite republique du Canada


Committee for the Republic of Canada


Postal Box 3011,  Youville Station,  Montreal,Qc  H2P 2Y8

Phone: (514) 855-1739   FaxL514) 855-0890


Party for the Commonwealth of Canada





Party for the Commonwealth of Canada



Parti pour la république du Canada



Canadian political party formed by supporters of U.S. politician Lyndon LaRouche in the 1984, 1988 and 1993 elections.

Lyndon LaRouche’s Draft Constitution for the Commonwealth of Canada

Gilles Gervais


Committee for the Republic of Canada

January 1st, 2005



Committee for the Republic of Canada – Homepage
... Statesman and Democratic Party Leader Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. ... LaRouche’s International
Youth Movement. This section is being reconstructed. Come back soon. ...



Citizens Electoral Council

Canadian Jewish News
Canadian briefs have moved to Community. ... said the Curtin Labour Alliance is a front
for the Citizens Electoral Council, which supports Lyndon LaRouche, who has ...

Distributeur Caucus Inc


Distributeur Caucus Inc
300 Bd Decarie
Saint Laurent, QC H4N 2M2
(514) 855-1699


Phone number given on LaRouche Youth Movement and for “local support”


Schiller Institute





IV. LaRouche: The Canadian Connection


1. 1970s: The North American Labor Party ......                   ....            ...7

2. 1982: Montreal Becomes Organisation’s Canadian Headquarters..  .... 9

3. 1983: The Party for the Commonwealth of Canada is Formed ..... .....11

4. Outdoor Booths a Popular Tactic ................                                   ...16

5. The Schiller Institute: Another LaRouche Front .                           ......17

6. 1985: Bnai Brith Becomes a Target in Montreal .                         .......19

7A. LaRouche and the Media ........................                                      .21

7B. Coverage in Canada ............................                                          .24

8. 1985: Group Sains Access to Canadian Airports ..                          ...26

9. Allegations of Fraud; Non- Repayment of Loans .                          ....27

V. Conclusion; The Illinois Experience – Lessons to Be Learned........... 32



Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations


A concrete example of the connections between the fascist right and the religious right is seen in a handbill distributed in 1989 in the Vancouver area. Entitled “Satanism and Bolshevism”, it advertises a conference of the following speakers: Tony Parpart, who at the time worked for the Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations, a tentacle of Lyndon LaRouche’s neo-fascist and anti-Semitic empire; Ed Vanwoudenberg, head of the Christian Heritage Party, dedicated to making Canada a fundamentalist Christian state; Dan Wray, a Ku Klux Klan organizer in Aldergrove, BC, associated with the Canada First group; Peggy Steacy, president of Real Women of BC, the anti-feminist, fundamentalist Christian group; anti-choice activists Elaine Stewart and Wayne Poley; Gilles Gervais, president of the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada, a Larouche front group; Rev. Blair McHenry, principal of a Christian school in Abbotsford, BC, and Frank Crnovich, director of the Croation Cultural Center.48



International Caucus of Labor Committees

The International Caucus of Labor Committees claimed to have affiliates in

France, Italy, Sweden, Canada and several South American countries.







JOE CLARKE former Prime Minister finds LaRouche activists “cool”

... supporters of Democrat Lyndon LaRouche handed out pamphlets. "We're not here
protesting," Jean-Sebastien Tremblay said as he and fellow Canadian Roman Walker ...

LaRouche Testifies at Hearings On Gross Misconduct of U.S. Department of Justice

The independent hearings, which were facilitated by the Schiller Institute,

Msgr. Elias El Hayek of Montreal, a Maronite clergyman and professor of law

Canada lies at the center of the future Land-Bridge

 between Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas

Rolf Witzsche

Agape Research is a non-commercial research effort by Rolf Witzsche, dedicated to the advance of scientific awareness in society, especially of the principle of universal love that has stood at the forefront of the brightest periods in history.

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Cygni Communications Ltd.

North Vancouver, B.C.


Lyndon LaRouche's Draft Constitution for the Commonwealth of Canada



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and LaRouche Youth in Canada
... Our mission, here in Canada, is to transform every citizen's previously corrupted ...
to bring us out of this limitless depression--Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for ...

A case in point is the Consumer Health Organization of Canada's (CHOC) Total Health Convention, held in Toronto, on 17-18 March 2001. Scheduled speakers, alongside the usual alternative medicine hucksters, were Eustace Mullins and Bob Baker. Mullins has a fifty year history of advocating the most vicious neo-Nazi, antisemitic, and white racist ideology. Baker is associated with Lyndon LaRouche's extreme right organizations.


Anderson's connections to the far right are anything but accidental or transitory. In late March, Anderson was scheduled to speak at the so-called "Freedom Fest 2001," in Port Coquitlam, BC, along with hate-propagandist Wes Mann, and Eldon Warman and Fred Kyburz, proponents of the right-wing Sovereign Citizen movement. Warman has had overtly antisemitic material on his website, as well as links to racist Christian Identity sites, and to the extremist Lyndon LaRouche network.

At the University of Ottawa in Canada, LaRouche's Schiller Institute co-sponsored an antiwar event with an organization of Middle Eastern students

strings together Heritage Front  Larouche  THE NEW FACE OF FASCISM IN CANADA