LaRouche in Burundi





delegation of the National Council for the Defense of Democracy. The delegation was led by the CNDD's general secretary, William Munyembabazi, and the international spokesman, Jerome Ndiho, and included former high-level appointees of the murdered President Melchior Ndadaye: Jacques Bacamurwanko, former ambassador to Washington; Perpetue Nshimirimana-Gashaza, former ambassador to the United Nations; and Joseph Bangurambona, former ambassador to Nairobi. Also, Joseph Ntakirutimana, Frodebu member of the Burundian parliament, and Dr. Evariste Gafumbegete, secretary of the CNDD for Germany, as well as the secretaries for France and Belgium, were present. 

April 5, 1997 -- The Schiller Institute issues a new appeal to President Clinton, urging immediate action on the plight of the refugees. The appeal, which has received hundreds of signatures so far, was drafted by Helga Zepp LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, and Godfrey Binaisa, former President of Uganda and founder of the African Civil Rights Movement, urging an immediate stop to the genocide in Zaire.

The resolution was amended, and adopted as amended (one abstention), by members of the body assembled on April 5, 1997 at the Riverside Church in New York, to honor the 30th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech there against the Vietnam War.

Former government officials and concerned citizens from the nations of Haiti, Burundi, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Pakistan, Zaire, and El Salvador, also supported the resolution.

A committee of the African Civil Rights Movement determined, at the close of the event, to circulate the resolution for signatures.