LaRouche in Bolivia


My name is Mr. Schilling. I am past ambassador of Bolivia.

Mr. LaRouche, I want to ask you about Latin America's future: …..

LaRouche's Was The Only Voice of Sanity

At the Americas Summit in Monterrey

 by LaRouche Youth Movement in Mexico

The LYM approached Chile's President Ricardo Lagos and Bolivia's Carlos Mesa.

President Mesa seemed stunned to find a LaRouche presence at the summit;

Lagos sent his security chief to collect a pamphlet, but organizers made sure to

put it directly in Lagos's hands, urging him to “read it. LaRouche sends it to you.

Consider his ideas for developing your country.”



Lyndon LaRouche y la “Nueva Amenaza Roja”
... LaRouche está interesado en intervenir en la erradicación militarizada de ...

vía Embajada, con importantes autoridades políticas y militares de Bolivia. ...

Separatism Unleashed Against Bolivia and Its Neighbors

 by Gretchen Small

 EIR warned on July 9, 2004 that the nest of Cheneyac neoconservatives at the

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C. had set out to shatter Bolivia, in order to foment anarchy, war, and chaos throughout all of South America.

How better to reduce the population of the region, eliminate the nation-states through which peoples could defend their interests, and then grab their resources?