LaRouche in Belgium



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Date: Monday, 24 March 2003, 3:00 p.m.

The following emergency declaration was passed on March 23, 2003 by the participants in the International Conference of the Schiller Institute in Bad Schwalbach, Germany, coming from 46 countries:

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They also talk about Nahas' associations in the UN with Kurt Waldheim
and Lyndon Larouche, his control over all UN-sponsered cannibis research
for a period in the early seventies, and a professional scandal in 1971
when he published a report of a marijuana fatality in Belgium.  Larouche
and Nahas both worked at the OSS, which later became the CIA.  And,
get this, Nahas is trained as an anesthesiologist!


Michael Verhaeghe

Mr. Verhaeghe is a Belgian attorney representing the plaintiffs against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in the case of the 1982 massacre at the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.



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World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" :: About
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Proposals for Program discussion at Berlin's Assembly

Stefan Bekier

Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:37:40 +0200

We need a plenary on fascism, but I don't understand why only in CEEC.
It is not an "eastern specificity"=85 In Paris we had a very important
plenary and seminars on fascism in West and East, with some specialists
of the question from the West but also from Poland and Hungary (?). We
should continue this work. Specially, if we remember that the many
fascist tendencies and forces in the CEEC are directly imported from the
western fascist organisations (the new right, Le Pen, Vlaams Block,
Haider, Larouche and Schiller Institute, etc., which collaborate and try
to merge with the stalinists-fascists local forces, as Jirinovsky, the
National Bolchevik Party, Sesejl and many others.