LaRouche active in Africa



EIR Africa editor Linda de Hoyos


The LaRouche Movement led the fight to stop African Genocide
... It included speeches from Helga Zepp LaRouche, Godfrey Binaisa, and EIR's
Africa editor, Linda de Hoyos. April 26-27, 1997 -- The Schiller Institute, ...

Never Again! London's Genocide Against Africans. .

An EIR Special Report. June, 1997, 94 pp, paperback. Special Price: $10.00.

Part I: London's Gameplan Leads to Nazi Genocide in Central Africa

Introduction; London's Coordinated Military Fronts in East Africa 1990-1997, The Death Count So Far; The Chain Reactions of Catastrophe; From Their Own Evil Mouths -- British Press Outlets Advertize Plans to Recolonize Africa;

The LaRouche Movement Led The Fight To Stop African Genocide.

Part 2: Genocide in Africa -- Some of the Truth Comes Out -- A Holocaust is reported in the World's Press; Documentation of the Holocaust - - Reports From Around the World.

Part 3: London's Raw Materials Cartel Runs the Africa Genocide -- How the British Raw Materials Cartel Put Kabila Into Power.

Part 4: Who Sabotaged the Multilateral Aid Force? Why There was No Rescue Mission for Rwandan Refugees in 1996.

Part 5: Nyerere's 'Kindergarten': Dar Es Salaam University. The Training of the KKK - Kabila, Kagame, and Kabuta Museveni; Bankers Radicals Protect Bush, Abet African Genocide, 'Revolution 101' at Dar Es Salaam; Museveni Embraces Fanon's Doctrine of Violence; 'Black Handlers' Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean Genet -- Nostalgia For the Mud; Sartre's Ideas on Violence; Fanon's Economic False Consciousness.